Accessories BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet (2018 - present)

Accessories BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet (2018 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet (2018 - present)

The BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet is part of the second generation of the 8 series from the German firm, and corresponds, in the case of the model G15, with the version of cabriolet of the vehicle.

History of the BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet

This second generation of the 8 Series BMW begins to be sold in 2018 and you're looking to replace the 6 Series, offering a model of biggest packaging, luxury and technology, being an option yet more premium if it is.

The vehicles of the 8 series BMW feature with its main competitors are cars from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, the Bentley Continental GT and the Aston Martin DB11, among others.

Design of the BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet

The BMW 8 Series is the second generation this is a vehicle that is offered with different designs if we focus on the types of bodies. In this sense, we found a coupe or a convertible, which are 2-door; sedan, four also known as the "Gran Coupe", a model of high-performance called the M8, and a version of the M8 was known as the M8 GTE, which has been used for the competition.

This is a car that looks to be durable but light in weight hence the use of the aluminium doors, hood, and tailgate. It is also used polymer reinforced with carbon fiber. The front area stands out for its optical torn and a calender oversized, as well as a LED optical systems.

It has two circular tailpipes that are barely visible, making this 8 Series G15 cabriolet a model evocative.

The 8 series is equipped with the package BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which consists in that the vehicle is fitted with a type of digital instrumentation in its entirety. Also features futuristic graphics and is fully integrated with the infotainment system, and can be configured to the mode display information on the screen.

The engine of the BMW 8 Series G15 Cabriolet

All engines of the 8 series BMW feature system with BMW Integral Active Steering, four wheel steering, in such a way that it is given priority in the distribution of power to the rear-wheel drive, to achieve a more dynamic driving. What you get with this system is that, with a good grip conditions, we send all the power to the rear-wheel drive, and sending power to the front axle only when needed.

The BMW 8 series G15 cabriolet can be found with the following engines:

  • 840i20
  • M850i24
  • M825
  • M8 Competition21
  • 840d26

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