Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus

  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus
  • Snow chains Fix&Go Tex Plus

The best snow chains on the market. The Fix&Go Tex Plus allow us to lead with snow without fear of the car to skid or have an accident. Without a doubt, a must-have accessory if you want to enjoy the winter and snow with total security.

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Audioledcar presented the latest novelty items for your vehicle. And looking at the time this winter come to our cities must be prevented, that's why we have the new strings textiles Snow Fix&Go Tex Plus.

Chains textile Snow Fix&Go Tex Plus.

We stock most models of chains car with a high quality of course the best price. All our chains textiles for car are quality products, fully accredited and above all and more important in this type of product, a 100% safety.

What are the strings textiles to car Fix&Go Tex Plus?

Strings textiles are a security system for the wheels of your vehicle. Many customers get confused with chains textiles, to strings traditional, but they are different things. With a new anti-slip system, which prevents the vehicle to skid because of ice, both on the roads and in roads.

Where should be placed the chains textiles Fix&Go Tex Plus in our vehicle?

You should always put on the drive wheels (though it will also depend on the traction of the vehicle). If you ride your bike on a road where the thickness of the snow is high, it is recommended to place them on the 4 wheels. In addition, once the chains, the velocity of circulation must be of 50km/h because that exceed this speed, much to bring a security system like the chains, the odds of an accident are very high.

What is the fundamental characteristic of the strings textiles Fix&Go Tex Plus?

Covers Snovit Fix&Go Tex Plus offer a resistance, even with vehicles, mpvs, and extra comfort in driving.

What material are made of snow chains textile snovit Fix&Go Tex Plus?

The last of the materials with a high quality braided nylon that ensures a balance between resistance-anti-slip.

What is the system voltage on the snow chains textile snovit fix&go tex plus?

The tension system allows a perfect adaptation to the tire, avoiding the internal displacement of the sleeve during use. In addition to a possible loss of the product during the journeys. In addition to the velcro that can be found in the chains, serves clamp so that it does not move while the vehicle is moving and won't snag on any site.

I've bought a few chains textiles Fix&Go Tex Plus for my Peugeot 206, what Are the handles of the chains? Allow a better handling of the case during the process of assembly and disassembly.

Why are they designed with color gives a high visibility?

Although it may seem like an absurd question, the functionality of the colors is that they show the safety of the vehicle in use.

How do we know that chain of snow is appropriate?

The first thing we need to keep in mind is the measure of our tire (this is located on one side of the tire normally follows: 205 / 55 R 16 91 V. In the images of our product ‘chains textiles’ you will find a image with the sizes we have available according to the measure of your tire, so that you can easily choose the right one to put in your vehicle.

If you have any doubt, please ask us either by email, chat or by phone. Our colleagues will be happy to help with whatever.

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