Screens Parking

Screens Parking

Buy Rearview mirror with Camera and Wireless Camera. We are the largest store of cameras for cars: rear-view mirror with camera, camera parking sensor parking valeo, wireless camera, and we ship in 12 hours

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Complete Kit of antennas and wireless to install cameras, car parking rear without the need of cables. Transmits the video image without the need for cables.

19,99 € 19.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 1024

Screen park assist full-color. Ideal to install along with camera front or back. Consists of everything necessary for their use and operation

34,99 € 34.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 1114

Display rearview mirror with parking , full-color ideal to install with rear camera.

39,99 € 39.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 1115

Rearview mirror display car parking HD full-resolution. Attach it over your rear-view mirror, so easy. The best without doubt.

47,99 € 47.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 1745

Screen Parking the maximum resolution. Attach it on top of the dashboard of your car, so easy. The best without doubt.

29,99 € 29.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 1746

With this accessory you'll be able to install camera front and back in your car. If you've ever bought a interface a reverse camera or a kit of parking and you want to put a camera in front, this...

59,99 € 59.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 2168

Mirror media-manufactured Android that gives us the following features: GPS locator, gps navigator, wifi router, bluetooth hands-free, calendar, apps, android, media player, front camera recording,...

399,99 € 399.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 2252

Ideal filter to install in the parking camera when this is providing us with interference in the image with stripes, flashes etc).

14,99 € 14.99
IVA incluido - Ref: 4913

Complete Kit of antennas in wireless high-resolution and long-range ideal for car or truck, and with a distance of up to 100 meters. Transmits the video image without the need for cables thanks to...

34,99 € 34.99
IVA incluido - Ref: AB064
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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