Kit complete wash outside Chemical Guys

  • Kit complete wash outside Chemical Guys
Kit complete wash outside Chemical Guys
  • Kit complete wash outside Chemical Guys

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This kit contains everything that we need to take care of our car perfectly for a long time.

Composed by the brilliant shampoo, GlossWorkz (up to 50 washes) with good cleaning power that leaves a shine fantásticoacompañado of a glove wash lamb's wool and a towel drying microfiber.

We also have Bug Bugger, a scavenger of mosquitoes and remnants of tar pulverizable so that nothing resists to us, in addition it can be diluted by what we will have up to 10 litres of anti-mosquito.

Bodywork clean wheels spotless is not nothing, that's what we have with Diablo Gel, cleans tires, 100% safe and based which we use next to the sprayer, it can be diluted, produciendonos up to 2 and a half liters of product util.

Finally to have a clear vision for our fantastic glass cleaner Streak Free Window Clean used together with the microfiber included will be the final note to a perfect detailed exterior, this product gives us up to 1 litre diluted.

- A kit ke will allow us to save money and buy products for a long time!

Kit formed by:

Sprayer multi-use of the highest quality, with head Canyon. 500ml capacity.?

Contents of the pack

1 x Bug Bugger - Anti Mosquito

Your assistant against mosquitoes and the tar. Useful for pre-washed. Based, you get 5 litres of product!

1 x GlossWorkz - Hi-Gloss Booster

Are you looking for the maximum shined Welcome to GlossWorkz!

1 x Miracle Dryer - 63x91cms of pure drying.

¡Maximum drying capacity thanks to its 63x91cm! A classic of the drying

1 x Glove wool Merino Soft Wash

Wool ultra soft for your paint to this ultra-protected.

1 x Devil - Gel Concentrate

Powerful as hell itself, yet safe as the sky.

1 x Ultra-fine Microfiber

Microfiber universal for tasks, but usual... cleaning of the interior, the engine, wheels... you name it.

1 x Glass Cleaner

One of the best glass cleaner that you can try, a finish transparent free of debris. Now can be diluted up to 1:3, 1 liter, we obtain 4 product useful!


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