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Using these adapters, the kit led brand Zesfor we can install our kit led in the car without making any adaptation. This product is for when our car does NOT have the typical wire that surrounds the bulb and therefore can not put the led bulb directly anchored to the lighthouse. Price per couple.

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Adapter bulbs kit LED

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To know which adapter bulb kit for the led we need we just have to take the original adapter that anchor the halogen bulb, and compare it with the we kit led. You will find one that looks like a lot but the big difference is that the center circle is larger. This is so that the big difference between a halogen bulb and a led is that the rear is wider on the LED so we can never put the original adapter since it does not enter.

Two very important issues to keep in mind about the adapters for bulb kit led:

  1. These adapters are only guaranteed to be compatible with kit led brand ZesfOr.
  2. Are only valid for kit led. For kit xenon we have others.

We remind you that we are specialists in LED lighting for car. Any question you have contact us.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Mercedes-Benz - Clase E W211 :

    Quiero comprar el kit led zesfor h7 Black series pero no estoy seguro del tipo de adaptador que lleva y no se como averiguarlo en vuestra web. Me podríais ayudar a saber el tipo que lleva? Por otro lado, conocer si este kit led es 6.000k o similar. Muchas gracias. Saludos.

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que para poder indicarle que tipo de adaptador es el que necesita, necesito que me adjunte foto del adaptador original para poder indicarle. El kit es de 3000 lumenes, es el mejor producto en referencia a iluminacion led. Un saludo.

  • Question about Peugeot - 206:

    Buenas tardes, qué tipo de adaptador me iría bien para un Peugeot 206? Gracias

    Answer: Buenos días. Necesitamos foto de como va la bombilla sujeta al faro. Un saludo.

  • Question about Volkswagen - T Roc 2018:

    Hola, necesito saber que adaptadores pedir para la bombilla H7 con lamparas ZesfOr® Kit de LED H7 adjunto foto portalámparas original

    Answer: Buenos días. Para ese modelo recomendamos: También puede adquirir el kit y luego el adaptador a parte Un saludo.