Emergency light V16 car


Emergency light V16 car style HelpFlash to signal in a vehicle, or also used as the focus of led lighting. It has two modes of use: as a emergency light amber flashing or how to focus light white color. Includes approval V16 by the laboratory applus + idiada. Approval number: PC20070125

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Emergency light Help flash V16

Emergency light helpflash v16 car brand ZesfOr®. Required if you have any type of accident or unforeseen event that makes you stop in the middle of a road. With this light you will see a lot of distance, thus increasing your safety and the safety of yours.

How to use the beacon of emergency V16?

Very simple, we just have to get the emergency light V16 of the box. Remove the film on the battery, put the battery into your site and give you the button. We will see that it has two modes of operation, the first turn on a light amber flashing is indicated in case of damage to our car and we stay in the middle of a road. The second is a white light constant, which is very useful for situations where there is no light and we need an extra. For example: the field, the beach, a picnic, etc

Important: the light of emergency help flash v16 has a magnet that allows us to put it directly on the roof of the car without the need to be aware of that fall. This will also allow us to move with the rescue beacon turned on at a speed not exceeding 20 km/h.

  • Maintenance: do not need any kind of maintenance, but if you are recommended to take at least a replacement battery in the vehicle.
  • Duration: the average duration of the use of this light is 3 to 5 hours. Influence very much if it is cold or hot, because as you all know the cold makes the batteries last a lot less.
  • Waterproof design: it has the IP55 rated which means it can get wet but not submerged in the water. This means that if it rains, nothing happens, but we can't wrap it in a river.
  • Number of leds: 12 in total
  • Approval V16 with the laboratory report of applus + idiada Spanish number: PC20070125

Specialists in LED lighting. Any doubt contact us.

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Emergency light V16 car

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Renault - Megane:

    Necesito luz de emergencia con GPS incorporado

    Answer: Buenos días. Lo sentimos pero nuestras luces de emergencia no incorporan gps. Un saludo.