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Kit painted tire professional to do it yourself at home. Take advantage of the offer and take two sprays, and a lacquer. Choose the color, lacquer, gloss or matte and restores the tires of your car, so easy.

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Kit to paint the rims of the car

This is a kit to paint the wheels of the car includes all the paint and lacquer necessary for a professional finish. Without a doubt, a wise decision if we have the wheels touched, scratched, or you just want a change of color. Easy to use, does not require any technical knowledge. This paint is permanent, high strength and no need to sand and apply it.


Options to choose from:

  • Color: this is a matter of taste, choose the one you like :)
  • Lacquer: this is the final finish, which protects the paint. Can be matte or gloss. If you do not apply the lacquer, there is no problem but the paint will last fewer years.


How to paint the wheels of your car:

  1. Thoroughly clean the area to be painted. Is not required to dismount the tire from the wheel, although it does help.
  2. Allow to dry carefully. Any type of moisture can cause bubbles.
  3. Cover tire, and in case you have not removed the wheel from the car and also the brake disc or drum. This is made easy with masking tape, a paper and a bit of patience. Remember that it is important to cover all those areas that you don'T want to paint. It is easier to cover that then have to remove the paint is not desired.
  4. The spray looks better if your temperature is normal, that is to say, if it's cold in the environment two options: either leave it in the sun for a while or heat it with your hands by rubbing. This trick is not essential, but it always helps.
  5. Apply a first layer of small thickness, that is to say, pass the spray quickly without getting to cover the entire surface. This is important because the paint has to settle well and a first thin layer of help.
  6. Apply the rest of the layers, but blunt without getting to leave your hand still, so that there are no drops of paint.
  7. Let it dry and apply the protective lacquer. It is not necessary to apply the varnish, but if recommended.


What happens if I have a mess and leave throatings or bad finish? Don't worry. The first step is to evaluate the battering what you've done.

If it is not very large, for example, a drip cap, we recommend painting with normality and before lacquering, sand the part that has gone bad. The sand has to be very fine, and then it is very important to clean the area prior to the lacquer finish. You'll see that conceals a lot of the throat.

If there is a very large battering perhaps the most logical thing would be to start again prior sanding consciousness of the whole of the rim. This case is very extreme and I don't think you get to happen because all of the world to a greater or lesser extent known to paint with a spray can. What if I recommend is that before painting you do a test on a carton to see the force with which it leaves the spray and hold the "touch".

IMPORTANT NOTE: the kit contains two spray and lacquer. It is normal that you only have to use a spray can of paint. The other is to give touch-ups or if the tire is too big that do not go in a hurry. We already know that by Murphy's law as you are finished painting the tire you give them a rozon. In such a case does not need to paint all over again, simply clean the rim, let it dry, cover the tire and apply a couple of layers in the affected area. This product is for tire of car or bike.

Any doubt contact us. We are specialists in car coatings.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about SEAT - IBIZA FR 2014:

    Buenas. Me gustaria encontrar el color de llantas para poder pintarlas. El codigo es CK7

    Answer: Buenos días. Lo sentimos pero no disponemos de código color específico, solo de colores universales. Un saludo.