Goraz® GPS Locator for car's OBD (without facilities)

Gps locator for car's obd brand Goraz® high precision. No installation, simply plug it to the OBD2 connector under the steering wheel and work. Locate your car in any place at any time with an accuracy of one meter. Includes free App GORAZ®. The locator works with a SIM card inside (1€/month). If you don't have one you can buy it here.

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Most relevant features GPS locator car OBD2:

  • 1-Installation: connects to the OBD2 of the vehicle and ready.
  • 2-it Works with a SIM card installed in its interior.
  • 3-Controls the locator from the APP Goraz®, or web page www.goraz.es
  • 4-most common Use: locator, fleet companies and private individuals.

Gps locator for car OBD high precision. Locate your car in any place at any time with an accuracy of one meter. Includes free App Goraz® for IOS and Android to have continuous access to the location of your vehicle. The most simple and effective. No facilities, just put SIM card, place it in the OBD2 connector and to operate. Recommended if you have a small fleet of vehicles in your company or for your particular car, it prevents theft, and manages the control of the fleet from your smartphone! Trust Goraz®, Spanish brand

We have server Goraz® in Spain, don't fool with overloaded servers located outside of Spain with the problems that it entails.
Our setup manual is not generic.
We offer technical service of the application as well as renewal, control the state of your device as well as any issue that you have with the same.
Maintenance of the application included with future updates.
We do not offer the possibility of installation or enter a different device other than Goraz® on our servers

Locator GPS OBD2

-Without membership fees: 1 year free and renewable to 10 years or more for 25€.

-Instálatelo yourself: easy and simple, connect to the obd2 of the car and to work

-Maximum precision: App Goraz® and internet portal free www.goraz.es

No fees of permanence. Our locator car requires no fee of permanence or maintenance for two years. From the second year you can renew the service for 10 years but for 25€ (2,5€/year).

GPS tracker obd model TYPE 9. Requires installation in the car to use it (it is not necessary to be a professional to install it, just connect the positive and negative and to work). Thanks to japanese technology, allows you to locate your vehicle with an accuracy of one meter. Antenna ultra-sensitive and with low battery consumption as it enters into power saving mode automatically if there is no movement.

NOTE: in order For the GPS locator obd to work properly it is necessary to introduce a SIM card with a balance and with data. We recommend hiring any company phone. Currently Simyo offers a rate of 1€/month, with this is enough for you to manage your vehicle from your smartphone.

Once installed we will be able to receive the coordinates of our vehicle, our mobile. Very useful to prevent theft or as a locator of fleets.

This device is used by many companies for the control of the fleet. In addition to the mobile application Goraz®, has a private site on the internet www.goraz.es in which we can see drawn all the routes that are made, speeds and we can even put boundaries of areas if a driver is out of it that you let us know.

Specialists in location gps obd. Any doubt contact us.

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