Floor mats, car

Mats car velour and rubber

Floor mats, car of high quality and finish. Resistant, velour, or rubber, and with hem embroidery. We have a wide range of floor mats for car at the best price, check all references and models in our online store. If you don't find your model contact us. Each model has a few measurements and a few anchors default, it i...

Mats car velour and rubber

Floor mats, car of high quality and finish. Resistant, velour, or rubber, and with hem embroidery. We have a wide range of floor mats for car at the best price, check all references and models in our online store. If you don't find your model contact us. Each model has a few measurements and a few anchors default, it insured!

Floor mats Velour: these are the floor mats, car fabric. We have two qualities, normal and thick. Both qualities are ideal to replace the original. The normal quality has already a thickness and a resistance is fairly good and the top quality is double blind for the drivers more demanding. Among the models more sold we can find the mats for Audi or mats for BMW

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Mats rubber: we have quality top of the range. Ideal for use in taxis, suvs, vans, or suvs. Are of high resistance, do not break or wear out. Carpet car ideal for use in extreme conditions. This entire category of products incorporating an odor neutralizer to prevent the smell of rubber while leaving a soft breeze of vanilla in the car. This model is used a lot in todoterrrenos as mats for Toyota

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We remind you again that all the models are specific for each car, that is to say, they are floor mats, car custom. Search for your model and if you cannot find it contact us.

Here's a video comparison of all the floor mats, car that we sell in our facilities:


All of our floor mats car are manufactured under the most strict quality standards, complying with all the regulatory European and respecting the environmental impact. Bought some mats for the car in our facilities, we guarantee:

  • Riberte embroidery
  • Velour or rubber of high resistance
  • Anchors original
  • Mats are custom made for each car
  • The price includes a set of 4 carpets
  • Two-year warranty
  • High resistance and durability
  • An excellent finish
  • Anti-sliding
  • A competitive price


Probably not pay much attention to certain auxiliary elements there are in a car, as is the case of the floor mats, car that we have under our feet and we don't appreciate how necessary that may be.

It is essential to take care of all the aspects and parts of our vehicle, without forgetting the ground, which is subjected to a high wear continuous each time we ride in it. We must protect the surface to deterioration by the friction or by the footprints could leave the ground in very bad conditions.

In addition to protect the soil and keep it in perfect condition, one of the important functions of the rugs is the cleaning of the footwear that we carry, as well because the shoes of the passengers and the driver may be dirty or wet.

The floor without mats would be one of the areas most damaged of the vehicle as it is in continuous contact with us and this is where it falls all the dirt.

The floor mats car , in addition to providing a great comfort to the passengers, it is crucial that you be safe and stay well fixed to the ground, especially in the case of the driver, so you don't have any problem or danger when stepping on the pedals. The mat of the driver is in a state of disrepair or is improperly placed could cause, in addition to discomfort at the time of the driving of the car, a misuse or hook on the pedals for brake, clutch and accelerator and cause an accident on the road.

On the other hand all of the dirt that enters the car just on the surfaces, both on the ground and in the seats, and not just the dirt that we bring with us in the shoes, any remaining food, street dust, hairs, person or even animal.

One of the biggest advantages of the floor mats for the car is that it is an independent element of the car, they are very practical, since they can be removed and can be cleaned in the usual way with greater comfort.


It's great to have good conditions in our car, as for the carpet car, we have to take into account the quality of the product, in addition to other elements that contribute to a good purchase that fits the needs of the consumer. In addition you have to know that each car, depending on the brand, the model, type and year of manufacture, require a certain mouse pads, in particular, by the form and the attachment.

Then independent is the choice of material and color, they will go in function of the interior of the car, more to the liking of the owner. Therefore, most of the houses automobile have their own mats and give the buyer a game for the car, usually with the name or logo of the brand, in spite of this, there are manufacturers, specialized companies that cover the production of all kinds of products for our car.

The normal thing is to have the mats officers of the car in question, but at the time of buying it we have also the possibility of buying carpets thicker to be more resistant and able to withstand a little more.

The mats are not effects that are purchased daily, a good quality is made to last the consumer many years.

The mats can be purchased individually, in accordance with the model that is appropriate for the car, or you can also buy a complete game, these packs include, in addition to the mats for the feet of every seat in the vehicle, the mat that is in charge of covering the surface of the trunk.

The material of the mats is one of the most important features when deciding what to buy. We usually use two materials to make the rugs, the most common are: velour and felt.

Other materials that are commonly used in the manufacture of carpets for the car are:

- The rubber

- The carpet

- Polyethylene

- Polypropylene

- Polyurethane


The floor mats of rubber are highly recommended for vehicles exposed to moisture.


The colors of the mats that we usually have are the ones that we are given from the factory with the car, but the great generality, when you have to change them looking for a substitute that is similar, if not the same.

There is also the possibility to customize the floor mats, it is an aesthetic issue, in addition to practice, many buyers dedicated to their cars to give them a bit of distinction.

Normally the mats are sold in keeping the inside of the car, so every vehicle has the same shades in its interior, therefore, generally neutral colors are the most popular, colors such as black, beige or grey are the most sold. But yes, it is true that in the market you can find a wide range of colors, and as we have already mentioned, are the accessories that are sold to consumer taste.

The mats are basic are of a single color, but if it's about customizing this part of the car, we can combine the fabric with a few touches of colors, this is a possibility estilizarlas. Another option is to add embroidery, either text or drawings, such as logos etc

Today, you find that the mats carry a built-in heel counter, is important in the case of the driver of the car, as is the mouse mat that's more wear and tear it suffers by the constant tread of managing the pedals, especially for the high heels, this way it lasts longer in perfect condition.


The fixing of the floor mats car to the floor of the car is essential and every time there are more and better systems of fixation, the purpose is that the mats do not move or wrinkle and everything that does not come up.

Depending on how is equipped the vehicle in questions of fasteners, so we can choose one or other of these mechanisms. There are certain cars that do not have fasteners anchored to the surface, but others, alone lead them to the feet of the driver and other under each seat.

  • In the event that no fasteners are anchored, is used to mats with velcro that ensures that they keep.
  • We can also find mats with base and rough rubber.
  • Mats are latex-based, they are non-slip.
  • Brackets, or fasteners of PVC. Are those who claim a greater fixation.

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