Machine diagnosis multi-brand Launch X431 5, 8-inch version 2022

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Machine diagnosis multi-brand X431 5 of 8-inch screen version 2022. Diagnostic tool for cars, indispensable in any workshop. Performs all the basic and advanced functions of all vehicles in the market.


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VIDEO Machine diagnosis multi-brand Launch X431 5, 8-inch version 2022 Launch X431 Demo 5 - Operation, Brands and Updates. The most complete diagnostic machine on the market.
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Diagnosis Launch X431

Machine diagnosis multi-brand X431 5 version 2022

The best-selling and most up-to-date brand. Diagnostic tool for cars, indispensable in any workshop. Performs all the basic and advanced functions of all vehicles in the market. The most complete of the brand Launch.
Comfortable and practical: thanks to your technology bluetooth and wi-fi you can connect to the computer and to the car without the need of cables.

The price includes everything you need: the diagnosis Launch, adapters, pack of full marks and one year of free updates. The updates are done over the Internet online using the serial number of the machine and a code that comes enrolled in the machine itself. Totally original. Language available: Spanish.

The price of our machines LAUNCH includes:

  • Machine diagnosis Launch X431 ORIGINAL updated to the latest version with ALL brands of ready to run (simply register it to your name and ready).
  • Updates for one year free (rest of the updates 80-100€).
  • Adapters old and new.
  • Technical support for updates (if you don't know, you update it us for free).

The price does NOT include the following:

  • Technical assistance for the diagnosis of a vehicle: don't have a phone assistance if you do not know or use the machine. Only teach you to update it.
  • Platform's own update (it will use the platform update from the manufacturer LAUNCH instead of the Spanish one).
  • Commercial that go to your premises to show you how it works.
  • Plan renove: when it becomes obsolete in 5-10 years, don'T buy it, we'll make you a discount for buying a new one.

It is important to assess what is covered and what is not included as there are companies who offer all (at a price of double or triple). If you already know how to use a machine diagnosis we advise you to buy our machine since it will be the same as the ones that are worth 3000€. If you do not even know what is a machine diagnosis, you want to go to a commercial to your workshop to explain how it works or you want to have a phone to call if you don't know how it works we advise you to go to other companies that offer the full service.

Machine Diagnosis LAUNCH X431: Features

What's new Launch that apply to this machine: item of regeneration of the DPF, update via wifi from the machine itself and advanced features (view video for more information).

Features Launch X431 5:
Screen capacitora: touch operation is equal to that of Apple.
Wifi technology and bluetooth.
Portable: the PDA can be carried in its bag to any place without the need for cables.
Streamlined interface: program more intuitive and practical. Optimized to the maximum to get the maximum performance.
Android system: users can install and use Android on the PDA.
Additional functions: photo, video, multimedia, other software application, etc ..
Online update: Your new program allows you to update the machine from your own PDA without wires. Simply with your username and password, we will connect to the server Launch via Wifi to perform the upgrade.
Brands compatible with the machines of diagnosis Launch:
Acura, Changan, the Daewoo, Gaz, Hafei, Huachen, Jiao, Lexus, Xiali, Xinkai, Benz, Fiat, Holden, Maruti, Opel, Peugeot, Saab, Ssangyong, Tata, Changhe, Flyer, GMSA/, Infiniti, Mahindra, Perodua, proton, Qirui, Tlisuzu, Zhongshun, EOBD2, Euroford, GM, Jagar, Renault, Smart, Sprinter, USA Ford, VAZ, VW, Changcheng, Dacia, Ford, Haoqing, Jinlong, Liuwei, Rover, ZHONGTAI, Zhongxing, Bxfiat, HM , Isuzu, Jacty, JPIsuzu, Mazda, Seat, Skoda, Suzuki, BMW, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Porsch, Toyota, Volvo, Audi, Chrysler, Citroen, Hyundai, Kia, Lancia, Land Rover, Nissan, Romeo and Subaru.
Features of the PDA:
Operating system: Android + Wifi
CPU: 1 GHz dual-core processor
Battery: 3000mh, lithium-polymer battery rechargeable
Standby time: around 4 hours.
External memory card: 32G Micro SD (TF)
Storage capacity: 2 GB
Display retro-illuminated LCD: 7.0 inches
LCD resolution: 1024 X 600
Capacitive touch screen
Rear camera
Parameters Connector DBScan OBD2
Working voltage: 9 ~ 15V
Average working current: about 35 mA
Standby current: approximately 25 mA
Net weight: about 26g
Language: Spanish.
Bluetooth: 10M (without obstacles)
The differences between the various models of Launch
1) Program used:
Other models: LINUX
Launch X431 V: Android
2) Screen
Other models: LCD touch with backlight, 240 * 320
Launch X431 V: 7 inch, touch and capacitive.
3) Processor:
Other models: 72MHz 32-bit ARM7
Launch X431 V: 1ghz dual-core processor
4) Storage:
Other models: 1GB CF Card
Launch X431 V: 2GB, extendible to 32G
6) Battery
Other models: No
Launch X431 V: 3000mAh high duration
7) Printer:
Other models: thermal Printer
Launch X431 V: NO
8) Method of diagnosis:
Other models: Cable test
Launch X431 V: Bluetooth / WiFi
9) update Method
All other models: Using computer
Launch X431 V: no computer
10) Camera:
Other models: NO
Launch X431 V: front: a 0.2 megapixel, rear: 2.0 mega pixels
11) Ignition:
Other models: 35s
Launch X431 V: 25s
12) Image / Audio / Video
Other models: NO
Launch X431 V: YES

Specialists in advanced diagnostics of cars. Any doubt contact us.

Do you have questions about how to order? Check out our video where we clarify all the steps:

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Machine diagnosis multi-brand Launch X431 5, 8-inch version 2022

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    Es acta para este. Vehículo

    Answer: Buenos días. Si, esa máquina es válida para ese modelo. Un saludo.

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    El equipo de diagnosis valdría para maquinaria agrícola y industrial (tractores, camiones…) gracias!

    Answer: Buenos días. Lo sentimos pero solo valido para vehículos de calle. Un saludo.