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V60 Sport Clean Wheels is the wheel cleaner that will make you forget you rub it. Probably the best wheel cleaner that exists on the market and with the best quality-price ratio.

✅ - PH Range Neutral, without acids or alkalis, apply it safely on any wheel on the market.

✅ - New formula V60 Gecko Spray, now with more cleaning power in brake lining, carbon deposits, and dirt.

✅ - The effect V60 Gecko Spray creates a thin layer around the rim saving product in each cleaning

✅ - Trick to not rub: Now, thanks to his new effect “V60 Gecko Spray” you can leave the product to work, without that dry, up to 30 minutes; The waste ferrous oldest will be weakened, and clarifying machine to pressure you, it is easier to leave all and you don't have to rub.

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Clean wheels without rubbing V60 Sport Clean Wheels

Forget about scrubbing when cleaning your wheels, with V60 Sport Clean Wheels you'll change the concept of cleaning, you only need 5 minutes and water to rinse.

Mode of Employment V60 Sisbrill:

  1. Spray on the tire to clean by performing a Zigzag motion to 30 cms.
  2. Leave on for several minutes (5 to 15 minutes)
  3. Rinse with Machine Pressure.

* For a finished optimum clean the tire with PneuClean and conditions with Ebony.

With a pH range of Neutral, V60 Sport safely eliminate the ferodo more embedded on any type of tire Without Rubbing.

The breakthrough that made the clean tires NEUTRAL with decontaminant ferric now is powered by innovative effect V60 GECKO SPRAY

Inspired by the nature of the Gecko, V60 sport IS NO longer A viscous GEL, we have transformed it into a VAPOR made up of thousands of micro particles that come out evenly spray gun, adhering to the surface of the wheel as to what would make the leg of a GECKO, ¡¡¡without falling, or slipping!!!

This vaporized, to create a very thin layer enables us to an important saving of product

And best of all, up to half an hour of action... without drying. Thus, the iron particles more embedded they are weakened, making it easier to clean WITHOUT SCRUBBING.

Of course, he ends up cleaning rinsing with pressurized Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How many normal applications gives a liter? 1 Litre of product can take between 4 and 8 washes, depending on the amount you use.

Does the product affect brake calipers? In principle, it should not affect, but is not recommended for direct application.

Does your smell is very strong? Taking into account that exists in the market, we could say V60 Sport is that it has the smell of most soft within these features.

What can be used on any type of aluminum rim, even in chrome, polished or anodized? If the product is completely safe for all wheels, and can be used in the most delicate as the chrome-plated, polished, anodized... Also, due to the large number of tires that are on the market, it is always recommended to test any cleaner on an inconspicuous area before use.

How long should I leave it working? Typically, 5 minutes are enough. Now, with its new formula, you can leave it up to 15-20 without being dry. In this way,the occasions that you need to rub will be smaller yet. Of course clarifies with pressure machine.

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V60 Sport Clean Rims - Sisbril