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Sticker vinyl for car, motorcycle, home, office, or lettering. This vinyl has two fundamental properties: the first is that it is moldable with heat to make bends and the second one that has micro-perforations undetectable to the human eye but which prevents the formation of air bubbles. Recommended product if you want to decorate or change of style. Install it yourself!!!

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Sticker vinyl for car, motorcycle, home, office, or wraps

Decorate with this sticker vinyl that you can use on any flat surface and non-porous. Ideal for mounting on metal, plastic, pvc, etc., it Is suitable for interior and exterior. Also Ideal for cutting plotter and make unique designs. Without a doubt, a wise decision if we want to improve the aesthetics of a car or decorate a home. Install it yourself!!!


Special features of this sticker of vinyl:

  • Moldable with heat: for smooth surfaces or little curves is not required, but this vinyl is moldable with heat to make the round shapes are more complex. EYE, installing vinyl is NOT difficult, but make a sharp curve and, IF required in practice. We can apply heat on the vinyl using a hair dryer. We will see that it makes "chewing-gum effect" and leaves you to shape (watch the video).
  • Micro-perforated: if you like what you hear, this sticker vinyl has micro-perforations undetectable to the human eye but which can greatly facilitate your installation, helping to prevent the formation of bubbles. Again, the key to remove the bubbles once placed on the vinyl, is to give heat with a hair dryer to dilate and open up the pores.

These two qualities make the vinyls WrapWorkers Series® a wise decision if you want to decorate in a fast, easy and durable.


Sizes of the stickers vinyl:

The vinyl we also sell in bulk, this means that our rolls of vinyl are 150 cm wide and 30 meters long. In the selector and we'll give you three options of measures most sold but if for example you want to measure 50 cm x 152 cm (which is not on the switch), you only have to select two units of 25 cm x 152 cm, and then we will send you a single roll measures 50 cm x 152 cm Any questions concerning the average contact us.

NOTE: many installers use water in order to install the vinyl. Our sticker vinyl can also be installed with water. This technique is NOT complex but if you have never done we recommend you to go to a professional.


General characteristics of the vinyl stickers:

  • Brand: WrapWorkers® Series
  • Thickness: 0,20 mm
  • Quality: high.
  • Free of bubbles. It has a system “Air Free”, which allows you to install without air bubbles.
  • Moldable with heat. It is not necessary to apply heat to smooth surfaces, although it is recommended for curved or irregular surfaces (with a hair dryer is enough)
  • Resistant to shock, friction, normal temperatures, snow and water.
  • Hard and strong (high viscosity).
  • Sticker vinyl suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Any doubt contact us. Specialists in vinyl stickers for car.

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