The Bull: floor mats, rubber high quality factory direct. The bull: a benchmark in manufacturing and sale of floor mats for the whole of Europe.

On this occasion, since Audioledcar, we present to you the brand of mats rubber The Bull, a world reference in the market of the mats rubber for automotive.

The Bull is a brand with more than 10 years of experience in the automotive sector, we specialize in the manufacture of mats rubber specific for the car.

When we talk of floor mats, rubber specific, we refer to the floor mat with the original form of series, so that we make sure an attach a perfect, thus protecting the carpet original of our vehicle.

Why choose The Bull, mouse Pads, rubber for my vehicle?

In the first place, the floor mats, the bull, differ from the rest in his scent, thanks to its special treatment, do not leave rubber smell, if you don't that give off a soft scent of vanilla, which makes it possible to install floor mats, rubber in, the vehicle does not become an unpleasant experience, but on the contrary, it becomes a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Thanks to its extensive catalog, we have a vast offering, to be sure that we find the correct model for your vehicle.

To be product specific, we will obtain a perfect fit, which guarantees a good protection for the interior of our vehicle.

Another of the advantages of the brand, The Bull is its design, thanks to its design with a flange in the form of a grid, we get that both dirt and liquids to stay in the own mats, thus preventing it from spilling or getting into the upholstery, ensuring a maximum protection, thanks to its robustness, the floor mats, The Bull did not move, so they're safe to drive with them.

To be made of rubber of quality first, the half-life of the pads of The Bull is about 15 years, thanks to its special treatment, will not crack or lose their properties with time.

Below, we detail the technical characteristics of the mats are made of rubber.

Average weight: 4.3 kg


Tecnologia Smell Free: give off no smell of rubber.

Thickness beads: 10 mm

Thickness inner: 5 mm

Thanks to its material in rubber, in the days of rain or snow, the mat does not slip, which makes the driving safe in any circumstance.

How do I clean the mats rubber The Bull?

The cleaning of the floor mats of rubber, The Bull is very simple, we just need to remove them from the vehicle, and clean with soap and water, supported gun to pressure, once clean, allow to dry and replace, an easy and quick process.

Do the floor mats of rubber The Bull, which include anchors and original way?

The answer is yes, one of the main features of our online store is the personalization for this reason, all of the floor mats of rubber are the specific brand and model, ensuring a shape and a perfect fit, ensuring a safe driving, for them, in addition to anchors, the pads have a thickness sufficiently important as to not move during the ride, each mat weighs about a kilo.

What happens if we don't find our model on the website?

In that case, there is no need to worry, we have solution, for this reason we stock a range of rugs are universal, so you just have to choose the size in accordance with the measures of our vehicle, we have 3 ranges, floor Mats, universal, large, small and medium-sized, you just need to choose the model that best suits your vehicle.

Therefore purchase floor mats, rubber is a safe investment, because we will get spectacular results, to remind you that, as always, our customer service will be happy to solve any questions or incidents that may arise, do not hesitate to contact us.