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Comfortable and practical air deflectors to the windows rear of the car. Easy to install and prevents dirt, water, dust, wind etc Fully recommended. Price for the two units front. Not yellow or crack in the sun. Choose your model from the list, if you don't find it is that it does not exist for that version of the car :)

Manufacturing time: 4-9 business days.

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Purchase derivabrisas for your car and install them yourself at home. Very comfortable and practical. Ideal for the beach, countryside, city, and any area that can move the car. Fully approved and tested of any inclement weather.

What are the air deflectors? They are widely used in beach areas or mountain. Allow you to bring the window down a few inches without any dust, dirt and water. Each wind deflector is custom made for each model of car so that they fit perfectly. Most are installed on the inside of the window and only a few models are put on the frame of the door.

How do I install? Very simple. You can see the video that you have above to see how to install the air deflectors but the summary is:

  1. Clean the door frame where you are going to go installed the baffle. Never install if the rain has stopped, or just washing the car. It has to be completely dry the area.
  2. We put the derivabrisa above the frame to make sure that the form has to go. It is important to identify the right and left side.
  3. Remove the protective film from the adhesive and put the air dam.


Each kit is composed of two baffles, the two strikers. Do not include the rear. This is because the rear have been withdrawn from the market due to problems of compatibility, sounds to the circular and carved out with greater ease. In addition, the majority had only used the air deflectors window front so that you save on the price.

Do you have questions about how to order? Check out our video where we clarify all the steps:

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Air Deflector for vents, front - DGA®