Radar Detector-Portable Genevo Max - fixed speed cameras and mobile version 2020

Radar Detector-portable Genevo Max Spanish version, the new version of Genevo that will leave you impressed.

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Genevo Max - Spanish Version

Radar Detector-portable Genevo Max Spanish version (only Spanish language). The new radar detector brand Genevo is already here. This radar detector portable allows us to detect fixed speed cameras, mobile cameras, traffic lights and radars to stretch, avoiding any kind of penalty. Very handy for being able to take it from one car to another in less than a minute. Detects all frequencies of radars: KA, and K, MTR (multaradar CD and CT, Gatso or also called multicarril). ONLY SELLING TO SPAIN, PORTUGAL AND ANDORRA.

What is new?

OLED display-color, magnetic mount with suction cup, high strength, Smart Sensor (allows you to mute the sound of the device just swipe your hand near the screen) and sensor brightness adjustment.

Summary functions Genevo Max:

  • -Location of fixed speed cameras via GPS
  • -Location, camera traffic light, and radar section.
  • -Location of mobile speed cameras by the antenna detector. Long-distance detection.
  • -Screen display.
  • -Valid for Spain and Europe.
  • -Menu configuration.
  • Free updates.
  • Model 2018

How does the locator radar Genevo Max?

The installation is simple, just connect the cigarette lighter and put the detector to the moon by the suction that it has.

As we got in the car and gather them up, the radar detector Genevo Max will start to work. When we approach to a fixed radar, camera, light, or radar stretch, your GPS antenna will alert us of the radar by a message: "you are approaching a fixed radar, reduce the speed". If the antenna detects a radar cell, this will alert you by a beep. As simple as that. NO MORE FINES!

The distances of detection of Genevo Max are very good so you won't have problems with braking.

Highly recommended product for AUDIOLEDCAR. We ourselves use in our vehicles.

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