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The Citrus Wash and Gloss is pguy e probably had one of the best Shampoos for the car market that has been manufactured Chemical Guys.

  • Made of citrus fruit to highlight the most waxes.
  • Brightness of washing hyper-focused that allows two functions: shampoo and enhancer of brightness.
  • It has a biodegradable formula that is respectful with the environment.
  • Generates a large amount of foam that prevents the formation of scratches.

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Practical, fast and efficient cleansing shampoo for car Citrus Wash and Gloss from Chemical Guys. Dilute with water (check the label) and remove. It creates a foam that is applied to the entire vehicle in a uniform way and then wash with water. Creates a surface layer that prevents posen impurities, such as dust, water, etc, Very practical and effective. In 10 minutes it will be dry your car thanks to its high power-repellent (advisable to do the drying in shade for greater efficiency). It is compatible with the use of waxes and sealants Chemical Guys. It can be used by hand or with a machine.

  • Brand: Chemical Guys
  • Size: 475 ml
  • Washed approximate: 10-15 Any questions please contact us.

Thank you has known citrus base has become a classic in the cleaning and most of all, elimination of treatments, you can not miss in your arsenal!

Stands out for its great cleaning power and degreasing, not the finished leaves out is that the brightness resulting sorrendería more than one, in addition to lubricate extraordinarily well.

For normal use, just two caps of shampoo for up to 20 litres of water

If you want to remove the treatment of only dilute 60 ml of shampoo in 4 liters of water and treatment of your car will disappear as if by magic.

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Shampoo wash Citrus Wash and Gloss - Chemical Guys