Spray vinyl liquid 400ml


Spray vinyl liquid 400 ml mark WrapWorkers ideal for painting tires, moldings or any smooth surface. The finish is completely smooth (not rough) and the texture is very good. Recommended product if you want to give a new style to our car and be able to return to the original state after a while.

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Vinyl liquid WrapWorkers

Spray vinyl liquid WrapWorkers® to paint your tires, trim, bumpers, etc of the car. Choose your favorite color and do it yourself at home


Advantages of using vinyl liquid:

  • Is reversible: once since we can remove you as if a sticker is treated.
  • Does not require sanding prior, just clean and apply on the surface.
  • No technical skills needed to apply: simply spray the surface with a generous amount and leave to dry.


Disadvantages of using vinyl liquid:

  • Unlike what you might think, it is more delicate than normal paint: requires greater care with regard to wear and tear and stains. If, for example, we take gasoline and us falls for the vinyl liquid nothing happens always, and when you remove it at the time. If you leave it for a few hours could remove the paint.


When it is recommended to apply vinyl liquid:

This product is ideal for changing look the car for a while and then come back to it to series past that time. For example: we want to change the color of the rims but want it to be reversible. In contrast, if what we want is to paint a permanent piece is ideal to use acrylic paints, permanent since they are much more resistant.


How to apply:

  • Clean surface with pre-cleaner or solvent loose.
  • Do not apply over coatings, waxes, etc., could cause reaction and crack. Do not apply on paintings that have lost the lacquer exterior (old cars rusty for example)
  • Sprinkle abundantly: for every square meter, we must empty the spray completely. If we do not do a minimum of 8 layers then it will be difficult to remove and will not be free as if a sticker is treated.
  • Leave to dry conditions of temperature and humidity standard, a minimum of 2 hours advising to 24 hours for a full cure. We remind you, that it is not the same painting with the cold of winter with the heat of summer. Important note: if it is summer, put in the shade as the excess heat can create bubbles.
  • If you want to withdraw you have to spend a minimum of 48 hours.

Any doubt contact us. Specialists in spray vinyl liquid.

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