Paint thermal brake and exhaust pipes


Spray paint thermal ideal for painting brake calipers or exhaust pipes. Especially designed for the most extreme conditions of temperature. Easy to apply and long lasting. It changes the look of your car!

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Spray paint for high temperature

Comfortable and practical to spray paint heat resistant to high temperatures. Painted brake calipers, exhaust pipes, and much more. High-density and highly resistant to the most extreme conditions. Available in several colors, choose as yours, and decorate your car. Manufactured by Ksmos European leader in the manufacture and sale of paint, high-end.


Features spray paint thermal Ksmos®:

  • Capacity to hold up to 800 degrees celsius.
  • High color density: with a couple of passes we will have covered the whole piece.
  • High protection
  • The spray covers approximately 1 square metre of surface. To paint the four brake calipers or the exhaust pipe gives of plenty with a single spray.


How to use the paint thermal?

It is easy to use but you must follow all the steps to avoid the formation of bubbles or bad finishes

  1. Clean very well the surface and let it dry. There can be nothing of moisture in the paint.
  2. To cover those areas that we don't want to paint with masking tape and newspaper.
  3. Apply the spray in a uniform way, and running the hand without stopping at any moment to avoid the formation of throatings.
  4. We will apply the needed layers to cover the entire surface with the minimum recommended 3. The first layer should be fast without getting to cover the entire surface. Between each layer let it dry for a few minutes.
  5. Once finished remove the masking tape and let dry for a couple of hours. The drying will occur 24 hours after applying the spray. Keep in mind that the drying much depends on the ambient temperature. If it is cold it will take a lot more than if it's 15-20 degrees.

NOTE: all the sprays reach their performance is optimal at room temperature of 15-20 degrees. If we are below this temperature, it is advisable to heat up with the hands spray shaking and rubbing it with the hands. To do so we will avoid malformations in the paint. This is recommended but not mandatory.

Final result: the final result will be in touch smooth and without imperfections to the view. If you see any anomaly must sand with a fine sandpaper on the affected part, re-clean it very well and apply the layer to only that area. 99% of the anomalies are caused by an improper cleaning of the piece. Any grease, ferodo, or substance may cause a reaction in the paint that causes it to crack, or quarter. It is very important to be absolutely sure that between the metal and the spray there is no substance adhered to.

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Paint thermal brake and exhaust pipes