Accessories Kia Sorento (2015 - present)

Accessories Kia Sorento (2015 - present)

Spare parts, spare parts and accessories Kia Sorento (2015 - present)

If you are looking for accessories for your Kia Sorento (2015 - present) in our page you'll find everything you need. We sell original spare parts, and normal for your car. We have a wide range of spare parts and spare parts for Kia Sorento (2015 - present). In addition, you'll be able to find all variants for your car and of course if you have any questions you can always consult with our customer service where we will be by phone call, chat, or email for a fast and clear.

Our website is ideal for those users or workshops that want to customize their vehicles with the best accessories of Kia Sorento (2015 - present) original or custom-designed for this car. Among our products, you can find all type of led lighting and xenon headlights for your car. This is very useful as you have a good visibility on the road is paramount to increase security and protect yours. If you fused a light bulb xenon we have spare parts for Kia Sorento (2015 - present) replacement original so that you can change it yourself without ruining. In addition, if you are not carrying any lighting system to led or xenon Kia Sorento (2015 - present) you can also install a conversion kit to get rid of the yellow light and slightly intense that both fatigue the eye. We also have antinieblas led to the most adverse conditions.

Among all our products, there are some that could be called a best seller. The air deflectors or derivabrisas products are highly demanded because they allow us to have the window open a little if any dust, heat, rain, dirt, etc, Very useful if it's winter and bad weather as if it is summer and we want to leave the car in the sun with the windows slightly lowered. Another product that is pointer are the centers of power. This accessory for Kia Sorento (2015 - present), is not original but it is design and German manufacturing which gives us a full guarantee and allows us to increase the horsepower of the car and decrease the consumption. This is achieved by using a powerful development of maps that measures in real time the parameters of the engine and will correct those small imperfections. Without a doubt, a product highly recommended because it allows us to improve the driving experience while saving on fuel. Taking this opportunity, I also want to recommend machines-diagnosis to repair your Kia Sorento (2015 - present). These are connected via the OBDII connector of your car and allow us to diagnose the condition of the engine and other components of the car. There are several different brands but among the most prominent is ICARSOFT, Vagcom and Launch. In Audioledcar you'll be able to encontrat multitude of machines to enter the main module of the engine or in the rest. We also have machines multi-brand even if you have a small or large workshop. Product highly recommended also if you are a small fan that likes to get your own reviews or get to know the condition of the vehicle. I don't want to roll much more that has this step I am going to bore you but if you have time, go through our multimedia section and customization. In the first you are going to find all sorts of multimedia screens, Carplays, monitors, parking sensors and everything related to the technological aspects of the car. In the end, the comfort of the steering wheel is what we are looking for and here you will find how to improve. In the second section you will find products of the hidroimpresión, paints and vinyls to car Kia Sorento (2015 - present). These products lately are quite pointers in sales because every day there are more people who want to customize the car by himself without having to pay a professional to do this. We call it “Do it Your Self”, which translated means: Do it yourself. Do you dare?, your store of spare parts and accessories for Kia Sorento (2015 - present) in Madrid.


Brand Kia has created the Kia Sorento with a larger increase, the dimensions are of 4.80 meters long with a width of 1.89 metres and its height is 1.68 meters.


The new SUV of the Kia Sorento, which offers a much more higher than in previous generations. It also has a third row of seats as it has been I think one of the most notorious characteristics of the model of Kia.

What is the highlight of the new interior of the Sorento? We highlight several elements, such as the new lacquer finish, upholstered, leather, and the equipment at a technological level as the speed limiter, seat, navigation system, sensors help. It also emphasizes the dynamics of Kia SUV that circulates silently and gently. The new chassis of this model shows its elegance with a touch and aesthetics a lot more Premium. And it is that highlights a grill, more vertical, with chrome trim and a body-80 millimeters larger, thus improving the inner and three rows of seats available.

The boot capacity is 142 litres with all the seats folded. If you hide all the seats, the luggage capacity is 1.662 litres.

As in the previous versions we have of the finished concept, drive, and the gt line.


The personality of the Kia Sorento is rather 'quiet guy', but if they mete out to the driving modes, by using the selector driving modes Drive Mode, and you pass of the modes: ECO and Comfort to the programme Sport, one realizes that the answer is a bit more sporty.

In this driving mode Sport, the steering becomes more direct, automatic eight-speed changes later and reduces gears more aggressively. On the whole, the Kia Sorento is a comfortable car, which also note a lot in reference to driving. The Kia Sorento 2018 is offered in Spain, with a single diesel engine of 2.2 liters. This engine 2.2 CRDi reaches a maximum power of 200 HP. Therefore it has a good drive and enough acceleration ability, which translates into about nine seconds to reach 100 km/h

If you have a Kia Sorento (2015-present) we advise you to visit our website where you can find spare parts, spare parts, and even accessories for your model Kia Sorento (2015-present). If there is any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone, or live chat of the web page.

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