Tinted Moons Cheap for Car and Bike - 20% discount

Tinted glass

Tinting glass car

Today we talk about the last thing that you can find in our web page. The most exclusive, the tinted glass. We work hand-in-hand with the leading company in the market in the tinted glass EdoFilms.

In this new section you will find various products where the difference is the opacity. What type of vinyl sheet-tinted moons you can find on our website?

  • Kit-tinted moons 95% for car and bike:
  • Kit-tinted moons 75% for car and bike
  • Kit tinted glass 65% for car and bike
  • Kit-tinted moons 50% for car and bike
  • Kit tinted windows 15% for car and bike

But now seriously... why choose this vinyl tinted glass and not another? The vehicles more `sporting if it is true that this tinted moons already come in a series from that Audioledcar and EdoFilms offer you the opportunity to be able to put yourself.

One of the advantages that it offers the Tinted Moons of EdoFilms is that it increases the intimacy in your vehicle and therefore reduces the risk of a possible theft. Lately, especially in the Community of Madrid there are complaints on a daily basis by theft with this vinyl, you can put whatever you want in the interior of the vehicle without being able to see anything, and there is no possibility of theft.

Moreover, thanks to its technology, you can have light in the cabin but without you between heat while maintaining a stable temperature in the interior of the vehicle as well as experts advise that it is better to protect the moons of the vehicle and more when we travel unaccompanied children, animals, etc .. Speaking of heat... did you know that the uv radiation makes your car's interior look a lot older? Yes, it is. One thing that we didn't know Audioledcar and thanks to your stained glass can have an interior much more care and a more `youthful as they say...

In addition EdoFilms has a guarantee of 10 years and a quiet/as also of a type-approval certificate for not having any problem at the time of the MOT of our car. In addition, in each order we'll send you also some stickers certificates to be place in the windows so that they are one hundred percent approved.

How do I put the Kit-Tinted Moons?

We will try to clarify a bit as it performs this installation. The first thing you need to do is clean the glass with soap and water, and with the help of a palette of rubber to remove the liquid, and the traces of the product. Once we get the glass clean, rociaremos with water and soap the vinyl and separate the protective layer. As if it were a typical sticker, at the same time that we separate the protective layer begins to fasten the sheet to the glass. In addition, we must take into account that it is a complex task and requires time for it, as we see that the sheet is pasted on the glass, it is important to start with the spatula to flatten the surface to avoid any creasing, etc (it is important that this procedure be careful and don't worry that if there is not perfect, can be modified). Important that once we have placed our vinyl for tinting headlights, the crystals do not move for about 3 whole days.

Anyway we recommend that before you perform the installation, see our illustrative video about the installation.

In case of any doubt that may arise, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email, chat, or even social networks. Our team of care to the public of Audioledcar, it will help you in everything we can.

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