Accessories Alfa Romeo 155

Accessories Alfa Romeo 155

The model of the vehicle Alfa Romeo 155 is a car that is part of the D segment, that is to say, it's a car a-type medium, medium/large with a length that ranges from 4.50 m and 4.85 m long, approximately. In particular, this model of the Italian firm was marketed between the years 1992 and 1998 in four-door.

History of the Alfa Romeo 155

The model 155, Alfa Romeo was thinking of be the replacement for the Alfa Romeo model 75. This is a vehicle that, on the contrary of what was happening to his immediate predecessor, the model 75, it had front-wheel drive.


It is a vehicle with dimensions of 4445 / 1670 / 146 / 2540 mm, a tourism segment D is similar to other models such as the Lancia Dedra, or the Volkswagen Passat.


Models of Alfa Romeo 155 were carried out in both engines of petrol as well as diesel. In the case of vehicles that run on gasoline could be found models with 1.6-liter engine with 120 HP up to 2.5 litres with 166 HP. All petrol models of the Alfa Romeo 155 is characterized by having twin spark.

With respect to vehicles with diesel vehicle were turbocharger, and you could see with 2.0-liter 90-HP, 2.5-liter 125 HP.

This vehicle with a process of motorization in two phases. In the first of it were sold the following models of the Alfa Romeo 155.

  • 1.7 Twin Spark 4 cylinder

Had 110cv power as well as a system of ignition Twin Spark twin spark.

  • 1.8 Twin Spark 4 cylinder

It had an engine very similar to the model 1.7 but it had more displacement with 130cv.

  • 2.0 Twin Spark 4 Cylinder

Had a power output of 143 HP.

  • 2.5 V6

It is a model very powerful, which presents, in addition, electronic injection, Bosch Motronic, and up to 12 valves.

  • 2.0 Turbo (Q4)

The motor 2.0 turbo was one of the most powerful that could be purchased when you buy an Alfa Romeo 155.

  • 2.0 TD

This is a vehicle that account with turbo diesel engine with 90 HP, being able to reach the vehicle is 180 km / hour.

  • 2.5 TD

The motor 2.5 turbo diesel wore this car up to 200 miles an hour with 125 HP.

In the second phase of the engines were sold the following models with respect to the type of engine..

  • 1.6 Twin Spark 16v

It was the engine that replaced the 1.7 TS 8 valves.

  • 1.8 Twin Spark 16V

The 1.8 Twin Spark offered 140cv.

  • 2.0 Twin Spark 16V

The motor 2.0 Twin Spark 16V able to bring the car to 210 km/hour.

  • 2.5 V6

Engine 2.5 V6 was able to achieve the 168 HP.

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