Sheet Hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum 50x100cm

  • film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum
  • film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum
film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum
  • film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum
  • film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum

Sheet hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum of high quality, easy to install and compatible with all of our products for lacquers and activators. Brand: WrapWorkers Hydro®.

Measures: 100 x 100 cm NOTE: the width of the roll are 50 centimeters, if you buy two units, we will send 50 centimeters x 200 centimeters. If you buy three units, 50 cm x 300 cm.


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Film Hidroimpresion Brushed Aluminum

Film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum brand WrapWorkers Hydro®. Easy to install and lacar. WrapWorkers Hydro® ensures a perfect finish and superior durability to 10 years.

If you've never done any work of hidroimpresión we recommend trying our Kits Hidroimpresión that will include everything required to perform this process.

Steps to perform to install the foil hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminium correctly:

  1. Paint the piece the color that is suitable for the combination base + film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminium is the right colour. What's more normal is to use a white primer, silver or black.
  2. Prepare the foil hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum. Cut the desired size and encintaremos the edges with masking tape.
  3. Prepare a bucket with warm water (20-35°C). The cube we can buy it in any store, you do not have to be anything special except that it is something deeper to be able to submerge the entire piece.
  4. Put the film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum over the surface of the water. The slide has a position, to know which side is the one that goes towards the water wet our fingertips and we'll play the film on both sides. The one that sticks to our finger is the one that will be touching the water.
  5. Wait 90 seconds and spray it with spray activator at an angle of 45° at a distance of about 20-30 cm. With one pass of the spray across the surface of the sheet hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum is sufficient.
  6. Once you have applied the spray activator to the surface will shine, wait 5-10 seconds and introduce the piece with a tilt of 30-60° and slowly. Have to be taken into account which is the piece that “attacks” to the film and not the other way around.
  7. Leave the piece 30 min under water to the surface to adhere completely and lose the gel that forms on the surface.
  8. Leave to dry the piece and apply lacquer. Apply lacquer for gloss or matte (depending on the finish you want). It is important to apply the lacquer in amount and spray the piece completely to a distance of 5-10 centimeters. Apply minimum two coats of lacquer.
  9. Once you have applied the lacquer leave to dry for 30 min (if it's cold this time can be higher).

Specialists in film hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum. Any doubt contact us.

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Sheet Hidroimpresión Brushed Aluminum 50x100cm