LED bulbs H9

  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9
  • LED bulbs h9

Led bulbs h9 cheap to replace the lights of short, long, antinieblas or light turning of the car. Recommended.

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LED bulbs h9 cheap

This kit contains two led bulbs h9 cheap. The most economical of its range and the less powerful but no less effective.

These led lights h9 cheap serve us to replace the headlights or cruising, antinieblas, or long road or cornering lights of our car to improve a 30%-40% of the visibility on the road to the lights original and thus increasing the security. Advisable if we want to enter into the world of led and do not have a budget high. We stock most ranges of led is more powerful, see all models on our website in the section led light bulbs.

Installing led bulbs h9 cheap:

  • 1-Open the hood and shut off the car (remove contact).
  • 2-Remove the old halogen bulbs.
  • 2-Put the new led h9 cheap.
  • 3-Give the contact and the lights. If it does not light, flip the connector (have polarity).

To take account of the led lights h9 cheap:

1-Canbus: there are vehicles that have the sensor bulb is burnt out (when it burns out a light bulb tells us the vehicle to do this). If so, we have to install a few canceladores canbus before the led bulbs h9 cheap. You can buy them on our website or contact us.

2-Adapters: the majority of the vehicles securing the bulb to the headlight with a wire-clip that runs along the bulb. If it were not so, we should install some adapters. We sell to the majority of vehicles. You can buy them on our website.

The durability of the led bulbs h9 cheap is about 5 years of normal use of the vehicle. If you are a professional, that these many hours at the wheel, better to install a kit led top-end to improve the performance and durability of the lights.

We remind you that we have a technical team that can advise you by phone, email or chat. Specialists in led lights h9 cheap for your car. If you have any doubt, please consult us.

Do you have questions about how to order? Check out our video where we clarify all the steps:

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