Kit conversion headlight led H1 model beginner


Kit to convert your headlights to led H1 model beginner ideal for vehicles or bikes that you will use little time and want to have the LED technology. Lumens 1800 (real).


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Kit to convert your headlights H1 LED. Ideal for installation in any car or motorcycle that you do not have sensor bulb is burnt out, and of occasional use. Test the LED technology. Easy installation, simply remove old-fashioned bulbs and put the new. NOTE: some vehicles have an adapter to attach the bulb to the headlight. If this is your case, look in our section of adapters to choose the right one.

How do you know which kit led H1 choose for my car or bike?

To know which kit led is the most appropriate'll only have to make us these questions:

  1. USE: despite what you think about it, the life of the LED is not infinite so that we will have to choose a kit led right to the use that we will give. Unfortunately, this has a big influence on the price for a kit of cheap led us to last only two or three years with occasional use. In contrast this is not something negative, on the contrary, for example if we have a bike that we use occasionally, it would be ridiculous to spend $ 100 on a kit led good and durable.
  2. LUMENS: one thing is the lumens actual and quite another to those achieved in the laboratory. Really any kit LED will be between 1500 and 3000 lumens. If you say otherwise it will be a lie. Please note that as of 4000 lumens you could leave them blind to a person.
  3. DISTRIBUTION OF THE LIGHT BEAM: this factor is very important and little is known about it. It also depends on quite a bit of the lighthouse itself. A kit led bad will normally make shadows while a kit of led's good to spread the light evenly over the entire lighthouse and therefore its projection will be perfect.

So we'll choose this kit LED H1 if you're going to install on a car or motorcycle that has a night-time use is occasional and does not have sensor bulb is burnt out. If this is NOT our case we will have to think about buying a top model from a brand more known as ZesfOr®.

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