Spray antigravilla black or dark grey

Spray 400 ml antigravilla available in two colors: black and dark grey. Ideal for protecting against impacts of gravel skirts front, side members of the chassis, steps, wheel, inside trunk, front panels, etc, rubbery texture and a professional finish.

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Antigravilla - shaped spray and is available in black and dark grey. Allows us to resurface those areas of the vehicle plus suffer the wear and tear from bumps of impurities and stones. Easy to apply and with anti-corrosion protection. Excellent adhesion on steel, primed, painted and naked.

On the other hand, the antigravilla we will be sound-proof for areas, doors, windows etc, Its high flexibility and its gummy feel allows us to apply it practically in any part of the car avoiding vibrations and protecting from the impacts of gravel, stones, earth etc

Antigravilla easy to apply:

1-Shake well the spray

2-Apply the first layer (very thin) and let dry for 5 min

3-Apply the other layers (more fat) and final drying 1 hour.

Note: you can paint on top of the antigravilla past 24 hours.

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