Spray primer rust filler black for car (rig means body)

Spray 400 ml primer anticorrosio black filler (medium body, the most commonly used) or also called rig black filler for car or bike of the brand WrapWorkers, ideal for your works in the car or on the bike. It covers and dries quickly. Capacity of spray: 400 ml. Rig high quality

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Rigging / anti-corrosive Primer black Filler

The spray imprimiación anti-corrosive filler black is ideal to be applied after puttying and before painting. To be corrosion resistant to avoid to create layers of rust in the future. This is essential if we want to have a good finish.

The final finish of the painted vehicle is a combination of several factors. The application of the correct products such as the primer or also called rig black and the quality of the paint play a crucial role. Thanks to this spray of black primer brand WrapWorkers we will be able to perform some work of great quality and finish.

This anti-corrosive primer filler black will use it to improve the adhesion of the paint on the metal and prevent it from forming layers of oxide. Of professional use.

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