RaceChip® GTS App Chip power (App and 30% more power)

Chip power RaceChip® GTS App ideal for increasing the power output of the engine 25%, 20% torque and reduce the consumption of 1l/100km. Includes APP for Iphone and Android where you can modify the power curves, to enable or disable the chip etc Full guarantee backed by over 8 years of experience of the German giant RaceChip®.

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RaceChip® GTS App

The RaceChip gts app is the model of chiptuning more sold. With it you'll be able to enjoy an increase in power with the best components on the market. Turn your trips in the car a pleasure, thanks to this chip power. This ecu power gts app is the ideal for the majority of drivers are more demanding. Increases engine power by 30%, a 25% torque and reduce the condumo 1l/100km

Important NOTE: When placing the order, we have to indicate the model of car and engine, but don't worry, we'll call you. If your car is reprogrammed will NOT be able to install RaceChip GTS. Only valid for cars that are in series.

How it works and how to install RaceChip GTS App?

The ecu RaceChip Gts App is connected to our smartphone from where you can change to 3 modes of driving: economy (to save on consumption), normal and sport. Thanks to its microprocessor 48MHz measured in real time the motor parameters and optimize a large number of properties, including: injection timing, injection volume, injection pressure, inlet pressure and air mass. Each ecu RaceChip gts app comes takes the mapping of the vehicle series, so that when you order include a note with the engine of your car. If you prefer to pick it up at our facility, the preparation time is approximately 15 minutes.

The installation is very simple, it will take 1-3 minutes. The kit of empowerment will come with a ecu RaceChip gts app and some wires to connect directly to the connectors on the car (in every car varies, but we give a manual of how to do it though is basically that you remove a connector and put the our, so easy)

The differences between the various RaceChip:

  1. RaceChip One: 20% more power, 10% savings in fuel.
  2. RaceChip S: 20% more power, 10% savings fuel 5 maps of power.
  3. Racechip Pro2: 25% more power, 15% fuel economy and smart-chip.
  4. RaceChip Rs: 25% more power, 15% fuel economy, smart-chip, and 6 maps.
  5. RaceChip Rs App: 25% more power, 15% fuel economy, smart-chip, and App.
  6. RaceChip Ultimate: 30% more power, 15% fuel economy and smart-chip.
  7. RaceChip Ultimate Connect: 30% more power, 15% fuel economy, App.
  8. RaceChip GTS: 30% more power, 15% fuel economy, smart-chip, and 7 maps.
  9. RaceChip GTS App: 30% more power, 15% fuel economy, and optimized App.
  10. RaceChip GTS Black: 30% more power. Optimized for the best cars.
  11. RaceChip GTS Black App: 30% more power, App, and optimized for the best cars.
  12. RaceChip electronic Pedal XLR: modifies the route of the accelerator.
  13. RaceChip electronic Pedal XLR App: modifies the route of the accelerator and includes App.

Advantages and opinions RaceChip gts app

There are numerous reviews of RaceChip gts app and on the business of reprogramming and chiptuning. Our personal experience has made you opt for RaceChip GTS for four reasons very simple: it works, doesn't give any problems, does not alter the original parameters of the car and have a relationship quality price very good in addition to being a German company and serious.

The advantages of RaceChip GTS we have that:

-Installation in a 1-3 minutes.
-Unlike a reprogramming, it does not clear the mapping of the original car and therefore never
you lose the warranty of the vehicle.
-Increased power of 30%.
-Optimization of consumption.
-Switchboards, maps, cabling and connections specific vehicle.
-Technical support and installation.
-Manuals for specific car model.
-More than 8 years of experience with a technical team of 40 engineers.
-According to DIN en ISO 9001.

Buying with us is the chiptuning RaceChip gts app in addition you'll get:

-Technical assistance by phone, email, chat, etc
-Shipping in 24 hours.
-Invoice with Spanish VAT breakdown.
-Center of technical assistance in Madrid: mapped, warranty, wiring and everything you need in our logistics center in Madrid.

RaceChipRaceChipRace chipRaceChipRaceChip

We remind you that Audioledcar is not responsible for modifications you make to your car. The installation of any accessories is under the responsibility of the customer.

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