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LED strip

Strip led car white, red, yellow, blue, rgb, and green. Quick and easy to make. We have all the bases from light bulbs. Ideal for installing in the car both inside and in light of tuition. We have several brands and models of light bulbs led strip for your car, check our catalogue with more than 2000 references. We also have the led strips cheaper for your pocket this safe.


The LED strips are the perfect product to install both on the interior as on the exterior of the vehicle.

Change the look of your car with our LED strips. In this section you will find a wide variety of LED strips in different colors and sizes, to suit any taste, and/or need.

In what part of the vehicle you can install the LED strips?

Our LED strips are suitable for installation in the soffit interiors, feet, doors, position, and tuition.

In what colors is available for the LED strips?

In Audioledcar.com you'll find LED strips in white, red, blue, yellow, green, and multicolor RGB. All of them are available in 30 cm, and in addition to the color white is also available in 50 centimeters. With respect to the strip of multicolor LED RGB, emitting the colors red, green and blue.

What are the characteristics of the LED strips?

The LED strips were announced in our catalog come with a power of 6 watts, thus providing a light with more intensity than any other conventional light bulb on the market.

Our LED strips are waterproof, so they are suitable for both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

The LED strips help to reduce the consumption of our vehicle, which makes it more difficult for our battery to drain if you leave the lights given by mistake. With regard to their aesthetics, with this product give a new life to your vehicle, getting to modernize it.

These LED strips provide greater visibility, so you'll get more safety on the road, both for you as for the rest of the drivers.

The LED strips that you can find in our catalog to incorporate the new SMD quartz, emitting a beam of light, shading to pure white. They also have a base of ceramic, and integrate the new chip 1819549N able to distribute the voltage between different diodes of led constant and stable. With this, we got rid of the voltage spikes.

How can I install the LED strips?

These LED strips have two wires (positive and negative) that make your installation is very simple. If the installation we carry out in the trunk, it is sufficient to connect these two wires to the pins that held the previous bulb, without the need for soldering.

For any question in LED strips, do not hesitate to contact us through the form that you will find in our web page, email, chat or phone.


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