LED strip GREEN (30 cm) - TYPE 38


LED strip Green 30 cm. Suitable for ceiling interiors, feet, doors, position, registration....


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LED strip Green 30 cm.

Suitable for ceiling interiors, feet, doors, position, registration....
Your power of 6 Watts to emit a light of a greater intensity to the rest of conventional light bulbs.

-Color: Green.
-Power: 6 Watts.
-Length: 30 centimeters.
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

How is it installed?
The led strip has two wires (positive and negative). For example, if you want to put in the trunk, just have to connect these two wires to the proper pins that held the old bulb. No welding is required, just embrace the cable (previously stripped) to the pin and run!

Why do we recommend putting LED's in your vehicle?
•Lower power consumption: a led light bulb consumes much less than a conventional therefore, in the case of dejárnosla turned on will not cause the battery to drain.
•Aesthetics: all new brands of cars already incorporate in their models, led technology for lighting interior and exterior.
•More visibility: LED light bulb illuminates at least double that of a halogen bulb.
•Safety: the heat emitted from a normal light bulb, it causes the wear of the ceiling lamps that cover the bulb amarilleándolos or cracking the seal, while the LED does not.

Why our LEDS are high quality?
There are three fundamental characteristics to determine the quality of an LED bulb:
1-Quality of the SMD (led): Our LEDs incorporate the new SMD quartz. This translates into a higher luminosity and a beam of light, pure white.
2-Base: The base used is ceramic. Why is it important to the base? Despite being told otherwise, a led is also heated (although to a lesser extent than a conventional light bulb). The problem is generated when the diode SMD is heated in excess. This causes the bulb to wear out and in the long run is founded. Thanks to the base ceramic, produces a dissipation much more of the leds, thereby achieving a durability infinite.
3-The Chip: Our leds are integrated directly into the new Chip 1819549N that divides the voltage between the different diodes of the led in a stable and constant. This is important to prevent the voltage spikes generated by the vehicle over the bulb and that can get to burn it off.

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LED strip GREEN (30 cm) - TYPE 38