GPS locator for Truck

GPS locator for Truck

Install GPS Locator Truck

Practical, simple and advanced gps locator truck. We have all the models, from the most economical with easy installation to the locators truck truck more advanced. No fees, no permanence, high accuracy and reliability 100x100. Includes App WeTrack as locator car free.

These locators are directed to both businesses and individuals. If you are a private individual or an entrepreneur, this is your product. Technology taiwan within the reach of every pocket to have a complete control on your truck. With this gps locator truck you'll be able to view times, routes, average speeds, a history of routes and much more. And above all, it is a locator truck for if you steal the vehicle to retrieve it as soon as possible.

The most expensive includes advanced features such as the possibility of installing a cortacorrientes-mail, built-in battery in the own GPS locator, history with routes up to 3 days, notice by vibration of the vehicle, notice if it comes out of a radio in the vehicle, etc, This locator requires installation by a professional and the average price of installation with all features is around 100€/installation

How does the gps locator Truck?

Very simple, once installed, we will introduce a SIM card with a balance, and data in the gps locator truck. We recommend you to purchase a card of the operator Simyo offers a data plan for 1€/month which is enough to work well the locator. A time put the SIM we will link our store locator with our mobile in 3 easy steps. From now on we will be able to locator our truck in one of two ways:

App WeTrack® : We will haul the free APP WeTRack for IOS and Android. Once downloaded, enter the IMEI (serial number of the locator) and our password and go to a map of the position of our vehicle, and the advanced features we can find in the menu. We will be able to turn off the truck from the mobile due to the cortacorrientes electronic truck installed by using the GPS locator.

Localizador gps camión

Web page GPSYeah : we may Also access the location of the vehicle through the platform of trakeo GPSYeah in which we can see on a map where is our vehicle, advanced functions, history of the routes of the last three days, etc

localizador gps para camión

Types of GPS locator truck:

There are numerous brands and many types of GPS locators. Most brands offer a payment starting by the locator inexpensive and a monthly maintenance expensive that after 4-5 months represents a significant expense and not to mention if the service we have 1 year or more. In addition do not include advanced features such as cortacorrientes-mail, and most are connected to the OBD of the truck so that it is very easy for the thief to find the locator and remove it.

Our GPS locators truck are Japanese technology (the most advanced in the world for systems anti-theft and location) that achieve an accuracy of plus minus 1 meter, with a monthly payment for life of€ 25 (paid once and already). The installation of these localizadores GPS for truck can be done in any part of the truck, from the trunk, to the engine, behind the box, in the ventilation they only require a positive and negative to connect them. In any part of the truck that pass a cable can be installed, so that makes the thief very difficult to find since each installer will be put in place that creates convenient. Moreover, thanks to its built-in battery with continuous charge while cut all the wires from the truck to prevent the locator keeps working, this will continue to emit signal for 2 days. Otherwise, if you want GPS locator for Car we will be able to find them on our website in the relevant section.

Summary of reasons that we will choose our locators:

  1. Maximum precision.
  2. Built-in battery.
  3. Installation in any area of the vehicle. Custom installation.
  4. Cortacorrientes-mail.
  5. Low maintenance fee (25€ for a lifetime, you pay only once).
  6. Technology localization Japanese (the best).
  7. History of routes: although put a inividor to save the path to the last position.
  8. App and web platform for their use and control.

In the past, the accuracy of these devices was poor, had an accuracy of about 100 meters. Currently the precision of the gps locator will only have a margin of error of 1 meter. Take advantage of our opportunities and actualizate!

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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