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We have all the products to decontaminate car at the best price. Descontaminadores iron of high quality.

Today, one of the most frequently asked questions that we ask when a deep cleaning is: how decontaminated a car?

There is a huge variety of decontamination iron. On our website we have the specific products star, at a good price, and with a total efficiency. These products are very easy to use, and give immediate results and long-lasting.

Decontamination iron

The formula of these decontamination iron is explicitly designed to eliminate these iron particles that are embedded in the pieces of our vehicle with the passage of time. It can be used both in body as in tires. These are caused , mainly, by the earth, bird droppings, dust, or earth, etc, so that, if we do not use this type of products, we will not be able to remove these particles present, as, in the case of the body, are able to adhere to the painting making it impossible to remove them with a simple wash usual and, in addition, are capable of damaging the paint.

If you want to know how to decontaminate the body of our vehicle, we have to take into account that previously we wash and dry the surface on which you want to apply the product . Then only we will have to spray the product directly on the desired area, and leave for a few minutes. Once you have left to act simply must rinse the area with plenty of water. Thanks to the formulation of these products, which contain a pH-neutral and incredibly also stand out for having a pleasant smell, in order to get an optimal lubrication, we will remove in a full microacumulaciones ferric making the treated surface is free of contamination, preventing the formation of swirls.

On the other hand, is the process of decontamination iron in our tires, which is based on eliminating the particles, which accumulates day-to-day. In this case, we will spray the product on the rims, wait a few seconds, the surface is going to get a reddish color, and once you have left to react for a few seconds, just we have to rinse with plenty of water.

It is very important that we use a series of recommended products and high quality for this type of cleaning, because if you don't treat it well, with the passage of time will be much more difficult to remove these embedded particles.

On our website we have the best products of the brands star for this type of cleaning. All of them are recommended, and with optimal results and long-lasting: red one decontamination ferric Sisbrill, decontaminator ferric iron cut of Chemical Guys, decontaminator ferric iron remover of Bad Boys. All of them provide us with a cleaning of the absolute pollution iron embedded in both tires as in body. Applying it properly, we will leave the treated surface outside of this contamination.

In addition to that to be as effective and long-lasting, with an annual application will be sufficient to achieve the optimal result. So, with a single container and we will have product to be able to use it on quite a few occasions.

On the other hand, if what we seek is to remove only the remains of insects embedded in our vehicle, we have the option of using a product specifically created for that. As is the so-called ‘anti insect’ of the well-known brand Kenotek. Its composition is not damaged in any way our body or glass. In addition, its use is very simple and effective. Simply we have to spray the product onto the desired area and let it act for a few minutes. Once you have left to act we must simply rinse with water, because if a powerful composition that remains of insects shed alone.

Also, it is usually surgirnos the question of how to remove fat from the surface of our vehicles. This is very simple, just we need to use a specific product to do this. In our website you will find the flagship product created for this ‘Speed Clean degreaser fast Sisbrill’. Simply we have to apply it on the fat of the chosen area and, upon its application, remove the debris with a towel microfiber.

All the products in our website are 100% recommended. Their results are optimal and long-lasting.

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