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Decontaminator ferric Iron Cut of the brand Chemical Guys wheel. Removes all types of impurities of ferric heaped on the rims and paint of your vehicle.

IronCUT is one of the descontaminadores ferrous metals most used in the world of detail, removes any contaminant from the surface of the painting, is also a great aid in the cleaning of tires.

Its formula is designed to attack the deposits of iron only, thus achieving a perfect cleaning without damaging any other types of material, getting cleaning difficult to match.

Iron Cut clean the painted surfaces of a highly effective, acid-free and pH neutral. Can be used without problem on any painted surface, as it does not attack the paint or the layer of lacquer/varnish.

Many times in the day-to-day, our painting is seen attacked by deposits of base ferrous that adhere strongly to our paint creating a surface nothing pleasant to the touch. These deposits often require a decontaminated or polished to remove the particle, IronCUT the attacks directly facilitating the work.

Wheels accumulate brake lining, remnants of the materials used in the brake pads due to the exposure to friction are heated to large temperatures, incrustándose even more if it is on the surface of our tires, thanks to IronCUT we will leave our tires as new.

After spraying IronCUT on the surface, to collect ferrous particles begin to dissolve, making the product in a purplish/reddish, this means that IronCUT has in such substances adhered to and this removing. After a minute of work on the part of the product, apply plenty of water on the surface to remove residual iron and the product.

Mode of employment:
Clean and wash the surface to be treated, whether the tires or the body making sure that the cold.
Shake IronCUT and then spray
Wait between 2 and 3 minutes for the product to act. Tire scrub with a brush past this time.
Rinse with plenty of water, the body if it is possible to re-wash with shampoo.

Size: 500ml

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