Couple of light Bulbs D2R, VISION-EXTREME Color 6000k

Replacement light bulbs xenon D2R ZesfOr® VISION EXTREME color 6000k (cold white) for xenon original home. Recommended product.

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Replacement light bulbs xenon D2R ZesfOr® VISION EXTREME color 6000k (cold white) for xenon original home. Recommended product.

Specifications light bulbs xenon:
Brand: ZesfOr®
Voltage: 85V
Power: 35W
Cap: D2R

What are the differences between bulbs STANDARD, VISION-EXTREME and BIRNE?
- STANDARD: light bulbs economic that allows us to go back to having headlights in the vehicle.
- ZesfOr® VISION-EXTREME: bulbs xenon-based ceramic and a higher luminosity than the previous. Thanks to their higher concentration of gas xenon allow us to increase the visibility.
- BIRNE: bulb high quality of the Spanish brand BIRNE. Your price is a little higher but their quality is unbeatable. The more lights, the better it withstands the vibrations and better distributes the light beam of the three types. RECOMMENDED.

What bulb corresponds to my vehicle?
But you know which bulb it takes please contact us by phone or email: ventas@audioledcar.com?

Have you ever blown a bulb of a Xenon source, or has greatly diminished their power?
The Xenon bulbs have a limited life, depending a lot on your use. Thus, the life of a bulb of Xenon may vary from 3 years to 8 - 9 years as a maximum. In addition, with the passage of time, they lose power, and its luminosity decreases to a great extent.

Why has one of them a color is slightly purple?
When one of the bulbs begins to have a purple colour, it means that it is about to break down and shut down. It is appropriate to replace the xenon bulb as soon as possible.

Do I need to change the two light bulbs xenon d2r or just one?
Generally we recommend replacing the two bulbs of xenon. When a xenon bulb has failed and usually ends failing the other at little time. In addition, the shade of a xenon bulb varies with the passage of time so that if you only replaced a light bulb will surely notice a slight difference in color.

What color corresponds to the hue of Xenon of origin?
The hue of the color of the Xenon is measured by degrees Kelvin. The color that corresponds to the key of origin is generally to be 4300 K (white warm). The color 6000k corresponds to cool white, which is the most sold and recommended.

What warranty?
All spare parts have warranty direct with us, so that if they had any fault or problem, do not have more contact with our after - sales service.

D2R xenon high quality. Any doubt contact us.

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