Carpet trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020)


Carpet trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020) made of rubber of high quality and with system Smell-Free@ that prevents the appearance of bad odors. Without a doubt, the best accessory for protecting the luggage compartment against dirt, mud, snow, water, hair of the dog etc, The mat trunk is made to measure to your car that will fit perfectly in the trunk.


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Mat Trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020)

Carpet trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020) of the brand Frogum® with high quality and great finish. Incorporates system Smell-Free® that prevents the appearance of bad smells of rubber. Unlike the rest that are made with PVC, this product is made of rubber and has the exact measurements of the trunk of his car. Thanks to this and the side trim to the dirt does not come off ever. Product highly recommended if what we want is to protect our trunk, our vehicle is new or semi-new and is a tourist.

The carpet in trunk for Ford Kuga (2013-2020) are used mainly to put luggage, dogs, clothing ski, purchase or any accessories without concern to stain the carpet of the vehicle. Fits perfectly into the surface of your trunk so that it will not move or bend.

The cleaning is very simple, just have to remove our mat trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020) and wash with water and neutral soap. Once washed and will have to leave them to dry before you put it (if you put the protector damp this may cause the carpeting of the trunk suffers with the passage of time).

Features carpet trunk Ford Kuga (2013-2020):

  • -Reference: TM548805
  • -Brand Frogum®.
  • -Systems anti-odor Smell-Free®
  • -Material: rubber.
  • -Measures: specific for your car
  • -Resistance: medium-high.
  • -Thickness: 60 mm
  • -Washing with water: if.
  • -Side trim: yes.
  • -System anti-slip: yes.

Differences between protector trunk of PVC and mat boot rubber:

-Protective boot PVC: they are more economical, manufactured with recycled materials, the form of the trunk is rough but not exact, if you slip, have a worse finish and higher strength. Its main use is in cars that are not cars: work, vans etc

-Carpet for luggage compartment Rubber: they are less economical, manufactured in rubber, the shape of the trunk is accurate, no slip and have a better finish and less resistance. Its main use is in cars new or semi-new.

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