Activator Hidroimpresión

Activator Hidroimpresión of high quality. Ideal for use with our sheets of hidroimpresión. Perfect finish and easy aplicaciónc

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Activator Hidroimpresión in the form of spray for easy application and compatible with all our range of articles and films hidroimpresión.

What is the activator hidroimpresión?

Once we put the picture of hidroimpresión on the water, we will need to use the activator hidroimpresión to dissolve and we can introduce the piece that we want to decorate. The time it takes to act this activator is of 5-10 seconds. The surface finish it leaves is perfect as long as they respect all times: time-sheet in water at 25-30 degrees to 90 seconds, and the time of the trigger hidroimpresión 5-10 seconds.

How do I apply the activator hidroimpresión?

Spray on activator hidroimpresión on the plate at a distance of 20 centimetres and an inclination of about 45 degrees. We shall apply a single layer of activator per serving of foil (to look at the videos on our YouTube channel).

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