Activator Water Transfer Printing

Activators Hidroimpresión

Activator for Water Transfer Printing , high quality and long lasting. The paint basin is carried out by a liquid solution-based vinyl that is poured in the water. Thus, she is a color film, all of this is possible also thanks to the activator of hidroimpresión.

This type of paint is used when we want to set the colors or images to the materials that we have. With this kind of options we can paint materials such as glass, plastic, some types of wood, metal, and ceramic.

If we attend to their usefulness in vehicles, either on bikes or bikes, we find that it is especially used to paint objects like tires. It is a technique that is very widespread for the great precision that is capable of providing. Offers in parts that applies to this type of materials, an impeccable finish that is able to provide any kind of part, also to the more complex.

The activators of hidroimpresión serve to convert the film in ink, and may thus be placed on the surface of the water. Keep in mind that during the process of hidroimpresión using a film or paper film of polyvinyl chloride which is soluble in water. This paper or foil is that the contains printed designs that were subsequently transferred to the work piece to decorate.

Now that you know a little better the role of the activators of hidroimpresión do not forget that if you want to put a sheet of these features on your car or motorbike, you must use a product of this type. All that you will find on our website are activators of hidroimpresión high quality easy to apply.

If you want to opt for the customization of your car or motorcycle through the hidroimpresión do not forget that you will need a good activator of hidroimpresión to do this.


What is the hidroimpresión?

The hidroimpresión, also known as printing hydrographic or hidroinmersión, is a technique for applying printed designs on sheets of glass to pieces regardless of their size, shape and geometry.

This method is a process hydrographic which can be used on metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc

What are the activators of hidroimpresión?

The activators of hidroimpresión are a product specific to the technique of hidroimpresión can be carried out correctly.

Sold in format and sprays can be purchased from our website. In addition all of our kits hidroimpresión added to the triggers from the test kit for less than 20€.

What are the activators of hidroimpresión?

The activators of hidroimpresión are used to make effect on the sheet of printing wet and ready to cover and adhere to the piece that we're going to decorate.

This product is used for converting the sheet hidroimpresión in ink, and may be placed on the surface of the water.

How do you apply the activators of hidroimpresión?

Once the sheet of hidroimpresión is located on the surface of the water, wait 90 seconds and then sprinkle the water with the activator of hidroimpresión.

This product should be shaken prior to use, and you will have to use in a 45 ° angle, always respecting a distance of 20-25 cm. There's that cover the entire surface for the technique of hidroimpresión is carried out in an effective manner.

Can I use at home, the activators of hidroimpresión?

Yes, this product is suitable for use at home, always and when in use in an outdoor venue, such as a deck, garden or roof; or, if not possible, in an area that has good ventilation. It is also necessary to have enough space to perform the hidroimpresión.

The space will depend on the size of the bucket of water that we will use and the piece that we are going to decorate.

What price are the activators of hidroimpresión?

The activators of hidroimpresión that we have for sale on our website have a price of 14.99€ the unit. It comes in the form of a spray with a capacity of 400 ml.

What are compound triggers hidroimpresión?

The activators of hidroimpresión are compounds, butoxyethanol, butilglicol, ether ethylene glycol monobutyl.

Important safety information about the activators of hidroimpresión:

Before you use the activators of hidroimpresión you should know a number of recommendations:

- Do not ingest or inhale because it is a harmful product.

- Can not enter in contact with the eyes and skin.

- Avoid breathing vapours or spray.

- Wash skin thoroughly after handling activator hydrographic.

- Use outdoors or in places with good ventilation.

- Wear protective gloves, clothing, goggles, and/or masks for protection.

- Call a poison control center and/or health care provider if the person who has used the activator hydrographic is ill or in case of ingestion.

- In case of contact with the skin, you must wash with plenty of water.

- In case of inhalation you will have to transport the person to fresh air and keep in a position comfortable for breathing.

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