Vinyl Rat Style Effect Oxide for Car and Bike

Vinyl Rat Style Effect Oxide

Sheet Vinyl Rat style effect oxide Car and Motorcycle

Welcome to the section of the vinyl most peculiar of our website. In Audioledcar you are going to be able to enjoy vinyls such as chrome, carbon, shimmer, but none as our itVINYL EFFECT OXIDE! And is that several of our customers around the world have used this design for vinilar cars integers, hunting tools, etc

As you can see below, you will find several standard measures. The minimum size that we have is 25 inches (length) x 152 cm (width), and the maximum would be about 1500 cm (length) x 152 cm (width).

Given that in the photo on the web page can not be seen well the colors of the vinyl, I have to inform you what colour are formed: the bottom of the vinyl is sky-blue with small touches of white background. The drawings are of copper color with darker parts referring to the own oxide.

At the back you will find a grid with reference to measures of five centimeters.


Besides you can also find different unique tools for the installation of vinyl, such as:

-CUTER VINYL CAR: a very useful tool when dealing with articles so delicate.

-GLOVES-VINYL CAR: when we try to vinyl with clear background or with drawings we always notify our customers that use gloves to avoid scratches, scribbling, stain, vinyl, etc

-MAGNETIC media TO INSTALL VINYL CAR: this tool is very useful when we want to install a vinyl of very large dimensions. Holding the vinyl without damaging the product or the surface of the vehicle.

-RIBBON CUT PROFESSIONAL FOR VINYL: it is a roll of 50 meters long x 3.5 wide. Is the star tool from the Car Wrapping.


What I want to put a vinyl on my hood of the car? Can I use water to put it?

Our vinyl is termoadhesivo. That is to say, you don'T need water to install it with a hair dryer at a medium temperature, you can apply the vinyl to. Yes, always help of tools such as our spatula, etc


If after putting a vinyl I don't like How do I remove it?

Do not worry about this, the vinyl is just like a sticker and can despegarla/remove without any type of problem.

In the case that it is difficult to remove, we recommend that with a hair dryer to give with vertical movements up and down on a cutting vinyl for that as well, stretch, and therefore be able to remove it without any problem and without leaving any residue on the surface.

I want to vinilar my car full of rust, what if I stop? What is approved in the ITV?

In Audioledcar resolve THE DOUBT. Much depends on how much vinyles, I mean, if you just want to put a few stickers decorative you do not need to go to the ITV.

Yes, IMPORTANT. If vinilas the most part of the vehicle that is to say, change the color of series on vehicles with less than 3,500 kg, in the ITV will be logged as diligence administrative (eye, because the rules can be modified at any time and depending on the vinyl).

Shop specialised in vinyl Rat style effect oxide where you can find a sticker of vinyl Rat style effect oxide high-quality for your car, motorcycle, or for decorating any piece you have in mind. Easy to install and high strength to withstand rubbing, scratches, sun, rain, snow etc

We have a wide range of sticker vinyl Rat style effect oxide to your car. Choose the size that best suits your needs. Rolls of vinyl for car are 1.5 metres in width so you can choose the length you want. What is normal for the internal parts of a car is the measure 1x1,5 meters, as you have plenty of room to do any work and it's perfect.


How do I install the sticker of vinyl Rat style effect oxide?

Vinyls Rat style effect oxide of the brand WrapWorkers® Series have three qualities that make them indispensable to achieve a perfect finish:

1-Are molded with heat: for the shapes of the curves we can apply heat with a blow-dryer and be able to stretch the vinyl to achieve the desired shape, as if a piece of gum you were.

2-they Are made with technology, Air-Drain®: this means that they have a network of micropores that are imperceptible to the human eye but which prevents the formation of bubbles of air.

Glue Japanese High Match®: get a grip perfect without damage to the surface or paint of our car. In addition, once you have the vinyl Rat style effect oxide can be removed without leaving any residue.

The most common for installing the vinyl roof of the car, the mirrors, the bonnet, the interior trim, centre console, the handles of the car, closets, mobile, tablets, computers, logos, the vents in the car, helmet on the bike and any place you can think of.

And, best of all is that if you don't like it as it is, I can remove!. We recommend you to visit our YouTube channel to watch the guide that we have on the installation of vinyl Rat style effect oxide

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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