Reflective strips for Car and Bike

Reflective strips

Reflective strips for cars

If you're looking for reflective strips for your car, in Audiledcar we have the catalog more varied in order to buy all kinds of vinyl-coated wire for car reflective. In addition, we provide you with all the tools and accessories for you to place anywhere and are perfect.

In Audioledcar you will be able to find all the accessories to improve the performance and look of your car with the highest quality and security guarantees, as our reflective strips approved. If you have any questions about our reflective strips for cars, do not hesitate to contact us. Rapidly assist all their doubts and queries.

What is the purpose of the reflective strips for cars?

With the reflective strips your car will be much more visible. Especially at night, when visibility is reduced. In this way, you'll be able to avoid accidents and collisions in your car. In addition, our reflective strips serve for other vehicles such as trucks, motorbikes, and even bicycles. The reflective strips car are perfect for all types of surfaces. Also used to outdoor, as they are resistant to water and uv rays.

How to place the reflective strips for cars?

The application of our reflective strips is very simple. You can cut the pieces of strips with the measure you prefer. So you can get all the sizes you need. In addition, as presented in the format of a roll of reflective tape continuing, you won't waste leftover product.

Before placing the reflective strip on the surface of your car that interests you, make sure that this is completely clean and dry. In this way, not perjudicarás your grip and you'll avoid that with the time off. These reflective strips car are completely stuck together in a few minutes.

Our reflective strips for cars can be put where you want it. Normally, they are often used for areas such as wheels, bumpers, grills... Can be placed on curved surfaces, flat or curved.



What is the purpose of the reflective strips?

First of all, tell you that you are approved.

Many of our customers ask why we sell is the product or how useful they can be. This type of product is used in the vehicle, motorcycle, tractor, etc and is to make us more visible, especially at night tours.

The products of reflective strips are water resistant and uv rays, so you can use them on any surface.


How do you put reflective strips?

You must first cut the strip to the extent that is appropriate. Before proceeding with the placement, thoroughly clean the area and pat it dry and do not in any way whatsoever the area where the glue from the tape.

Despegarás strip and placing it on the surface in turn you will need to smooth the area with the help of our tool spatula.


I can't think of where to put the strips. Where can I put them?

Usually most of our customers place the strips on tires, wheels, bumpers, tires, wheels, grilles, etc On any type of surface, regardless of the curvature, if it is wavy, etc


How much comes in a roll of reflective strip?

We sell the roll by the metre. The extent of the roll is the following one is wide, two inches long and ten metres.

So that you can dispose of the tape for several years, although over time the adhesive will not be spoiled or wasted.

We have indicated that in this section you'll also find protectors of tires. This type of accessory other than being as its own name indicates a rim protector, he is a decorative item.

We have several colors, from a tone very little conspicuous as a white to orange, green or TOP SALES, red.

The maximum extent of rim protector is up to 20 inches. We do not have anything larger than 20 inches.


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