Paint Calorie for brake calipers

Spray Paint Anticalorica

One of our TOP sales. Welcome to the world of the painting anticalórica. If you're looking to give the brake calipers, exhaust pipe for a new approach, you have to see the new section of Audioledcar where you can find different ranges of colours in different finishes such as for example: ANTICALORICA MATTE BLACK, ANTICALORICA GLOSS BLACK, ANTICALORICA RED GLOW, ANTICARLORICA MATTE RED, ETC.


What is your painting anticalórica?

The painting anticalórica is a type of product formed by particles that can reach to withstand high temperatures. Many of our clients will always choose colors such as black or the red. Usually, these paints are used for surfaces that are located at very high temperatures.


What good is it to put anticalórica?

Our paint anticalórica supports up to 800 degrees celsius. Though the years pass, the product remains intact and is able to withstand any friction or scratch. Although when applying the product can release the scent of paint, when we allow the product to dry and go back to use it, not come off no odor.


I want to put anticalórica, how is it done?

The way you apply it is very simple but in Audioledcar also help you and we will explain to you how to proceed to install paint anticalórica and thus to have the best result.

The first thing we need to do is clean the surface and dry it well. If necessary, you must sand the surface (always bearing in mind as you find). When we have everything ready to go, agitaremos strongly spray the mixture is then well and we will begin to apply the product on the surface to a distance of twenty-five centimeters.

After use, *ADVISE* that put the spray can upside down and press out all the gas from the boat, with this we will be able to continue using the spray between 2-3 years (provided that you have left over product, store it in cool zones).

*Important* it is a spray, so we ask that you be in an area that is open since it is a spray.

We recommend that the product is let dry for 24 hours to be sure that it will dry perfectly so as to be able to use the surface and everything. If you wish, you can apply a new layer, but having left it to dry for 24 hours.


What do I need if I want to put paint anticalórica? Is there any tool in particular?

The first thing we must understand is that the paint is spray-on, with this we mean that it should be applied outdoors and above all, that is not close to possible explosive substances. Audioledcar always advises you to use safety glasses eye, gloves to prevent staining, our tool pistol spray for an easier installation, clothes that we don't care or spotting but a monkey of work. And what is most essential a mask to protect us from any inhalation of the aerosol.

I would like to put paint anticalórica, where would I put it?

If you want to put paint anticalórica and we know not where, we recommend for example the brake calipers, exhaust pipe, these are the parts that most paint them but they are all, the majority of our customers.


I have put paint anticalórica in matte red in the exhaust pipe and I want to put a gloss black, how could you do this without see the red?

What you have to do is to sand down the exhaust pipe making out that painting the color red. And later clean the tube without any kind of residue. And we'll start by applying the black brightness to stir them up well and at a distance of 25 centimeters, we will leave the surface to dry once you've finished around 24 hours.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about - :

    Necesito un blanco mate anticalorico

    Answer: Buenos días. Le comento que el color blanco no lo disponemos Un saludo.

  • Question about Honda - Integra :

    La pintura plata brillante es como el cromado

    Answer: Buenos días. La pintura que disponemos son de colores estandar es muy parecido al color de un colgante de plata con un acabado de brillo Un saludo.

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