Tuition acrylic cheap certified car (small size)

Tuition acrylic small approved for your car size "Alfa Romeo". Renews the aesthetics of your vehicle with these plates, good quality and economic price.

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Tuition small acrylic for car

Tuition small acrylic of high quality for car size "Alfa Romeo". Ideal for replacing the old license plates-small metal by these tidings of great quality and finish. Renews the aesthetics of your car. Fully approved for MOT.

How do I install the license plate small acrylic?

It is very simple. The first thing you need to do is remove the license plates small old that will be anchored with screws or in a portamatrículas small. The portamatrículas small to be of plastic, is usually to remove on the bottom and then with 4 screws. We recommend to remove the portamtrículas already which is somewhat unsightly.

The following thing will be to clean the surface of the bumper. To clean the ideal thing is to use soap and water or any cleaning product for car that does not have wax or similar. Once this is done, leave to dry the surface well and then install the license plate small acrylic.

We will have to buy double-sided tape. This tape should be quality, not worth of the "chinese". We'll put three pieces of double-sided tape, one in the middle of the tuition and other two at the ends. Will the tuition acrylic covering the holes that I had previously and always centered. To do this it is advisable to install two persons, one who is in charge of pasting the tuition and the other from the back that tell you if it is centred or not.

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