Spray paint vinyl in a CLEAR liquid GLOSS

  • Spray paint vinyl in a CLEAR liquid GLOSS
Spray paint vinyl in a CLEAR liquid GLOSS
  • Spray paint vinyl in a CLEAR liquid GLOSS

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VIDEO Spray paint vinyl in a CLEAR liquid GLOSS Video tutorial on how to paint the rims of your car with liquid vinyl. Discover all the tricks. No technical knowledge required.
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Painting vinyl liquid peelable spray brand WRAPWORKERS®. High quality Material and finish used for the majority of professionals in the sector.

- A spray of 400 ml of vinyl paint ready to apply directly from the brand WrapWorkers®

Additional information:
- What is the vinyl applied
It is a painting that can be applied directly on any surface and once dry can be removed like a vinyl sticker it were.
- Applies directly, without sanding or pre-treat.
- Produces a textured finish smooth and uniform.
- You can wash it with gun pressure.
- Average duration 3-5 years.
- Amount of surface covered by spray 400 ml: 1 square meter.

1 spray 400 ml: a wheel, mirrors, interior trim, antennas, etc.
2 spray 400 ml: hood, roof, sideskirts, etc
4 spray 400 ml: 4 wheels up to 19 inches.

Instructions for use:
- Clean the surface with water and neutral soap.
- Apply in an environment between 14 and 21 ° C if it is possible on the surface completely dry.
- Apply a minimum of 8 layers.
- The first layer will be our primer, do it with past quick.
- Apply the product to some 20 cm from the piece and as parallel as possible to the surface where we are applying.
- Between layers to wait an average of 7 minutes.
- Drying time full 6 hours.
- If you have chosen to protect the areas that you are going to paint with paper and masking tape, the time to remove protections is just after applying the last layer, in the wet, never when it has dried.
- Once dry you can remove it when you want it, as if a sticker were.
- The final appearance is very similar to a wrap with vinyl, but the way of applying it is completely different.

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