Sleeve Premium interior for Car Sedan/Coupé large (4,50-5.10 m long) - L2

Sleeve premium for Car Sedan/Coupé large (4,50-5.10 m long) - L2. Ideal for storing your cars in the garage and keep them protected. Cover used by the car dealers premium to save and deliver their vehicles. Easy to install and wash. Highly recommended.


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Cover for interior finish premium Car Sedan/Coupé large (4,50-5.10 m long) - L2

Protect your car inside the garage of dust and dirt thanks to this sleeve premium cotton interior with matte black finish. This sleeve is made with cotton to avoid scratches in the car paint and is coated on the outside for lycra to hold the dirt and give it a good finish. Very used to the dealers of the car to the delivery of premium vehicles. These covers are ideal for storing the cars in the garage. Not suitable for outdoor use. It is not waterproof.

Available the following sizes:

  1. Car Hatchback small (3,35-3,55 meters long) - S1
  2. Car Hatchback-medium (3,55-3.80 metres long) - S2
  3. Car Hatchback large (3,80-4,05 m long) - S3
  4. Family car small (4,05-4,30 meters long) - M1
  5. Family car mid-term (4,30-4,55 m long) - M2
  6. Car large Family (4,55-of 4.85 meters long) - L1
  7. Car Sedan/Coupé (small to 3.50-4.20 meters long) - S4
  8. Car Sedan/Coupé medium (4,20-4,50 meters long) M3 -
  9. Car Sedan/Coupé large (4,50-5.10 m long) - L2
  10. Car small SUV (4,00-4,30 meters long) - M4
  11. Car mid-size SUV (4,30-4,60 meters long) - L3
  12. Car SUV large Suv (4,50-5.10 m long) - L4

NOTE: the holster premium car has seams elastic so you'll be able to use them and adapt them to the shape of your car without problems.

How do I put the holster premium for a car? The ideal is to put it between two people. First, stretch the cover over the roof and the front. Then he puts a person in front and another behind. Take the ends of the cover and is placed as if a sheet is treated. If you do one person will have to first fit the cover on the front of the car and then the trunk. To pick up the jacket just have to drop each corner, fold over the hood of the car and save it on your sleeve. We recommend bending it as if a sheet is treated. Washing of the cover-Premium car: not hya problem, can be washed, but remember that it is cotton. Will wash it with cold water.

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