Radar Detector portable NEOLINE 9100s - fixed speed cameras, mobile and camera version 2020

Radar Detector portable Neoline 9100s version 2020. After the release 8700s the most sold. Will allow us to detect fixed speed cameras using GPS and mobile phones using the antenna detection GPS frequency. It also has a system of continuous recording with color screen. Highly recommended. Warranty AUDIOLEDCAR.

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Neoline 9100s

The new Neoline 9100s allows us to detect the 95% of speed cameras both fixed and mobile. On the one hand, the GPS antenna located through a base of data fixed speed cameras and on the other side of your antenna detector of mobile radar will alert us when it detects the wave of a mobile radar in such a way that we will put more fines for speeding. It also has an intelligent feature that by simply passing the hand in front of the detector without getting to touch it will stop beeping automatically. On the other hand has a function of continuous recording of the road if we had an accident to prove the guilt or not of the other drivers involved. Without a doubt the most equipped of the trademark Neoline and in addition it is portable, take it from one car to another!

The radar detector Neoline 9100s What radars detect?

  • ALL fixed speed cameras included in the database.
  • The mobile radars that emit frequency KA, K, and Multaradar (95%).
  • Includes camera of continuous recording with full color display screen.
  • Does not detect radar laser mobile (there are very few in Spain, and that there must always be at the edge of the gutter so that it will always be visible).
  • The radar helicopter.

How do I install the radar detector Neoline 9100s?

The installation is very simple, we can choose two options:

  1. Connect it to the cigarette lighter
  2. We will make a fixed installation (includes wiring)
  3. On the other hand, the radar detector Neoline 9100s we place it in the moon by using the sticker provided.

Summary of package contents and basic functions of the radar detector Neoline 9100s

The package includes: radar detector Neoline 9100s, connector to cigarette lighter connector to a fixed installation, fixing luna and instructions.

  • -Location of fixed speed cameras and section via GPS
  • -Location of mobile speed cameras by the antenna detector. Long-distance detection.
  • -Display screen to full color.
  • -Valid for all Europe and Russia.
  • -Menu configuration.
  • -Free updates on the manufacturer's website
  • -Warranty Audioledcar: handles the warranty directly with us if there is any incidence.

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