Paint tire: 4 spray SILVER METALLIC

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Painted wheels vinyl liquid silver metallic WrapWorkers

Vinyl liquid WrapWorkers for the painted wheels silver metallic. Pack consists of 4 cans spray 400 ml. The Idea for the painted wheels of 19 inches or less (normally, we will have plenty of more than half of the pot and save it for if we need to tweak in the future a tire).

This painting has a half-life of 3-5 years and handle the pressure washing. The most common uses are for painted entire car and wheels.

Manual painted wheels silver metallic:

  • It is very simple. Just have to:
  • 1-Clean the rim with any mild soap and let it dry
  • 2-Cover the tire (with a deck of cards)
  • 3-Apply up to 8-9 layers of vinyl liquid to tires, silver metallic. Between each coat wait for about 10-15 minutes (time measured at ambient temperature of 20 degrees).
  • 4-Let dry for 24 hours (normally 2 hours will be ready but the complete drying are 24h).

Additional information:
What is the paint plastic / vinyl liquid?
It is a technique of Wrapping is presented in vinyl liquid which can be applied on any surface without sanding, just cleaning up the area. Once dry, remains as a vinyl which can be removed when desired.

Specialists in painted wheels silver metallic. If you have any questions please contact us.

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