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As always, in Audioledcar we stock the widest range of product to meet the needs of all our customers.

In this section we will find the cost effective range of led bulbs, this time from the hand of the brand ALC, a brand with over a decade of experience in the sector.

But, what is led economic car?

An led economic is nothing more than a range of led more affordable price than the brands or ranges most well-known or most current technology.

What are the main characteristics of a led economic?

An led economic unlike other ranges of led mainly in two aspects, the first and the most striking is the finish of the material, have a termination, but more generic, the other feature is its low supply, we have a model for the type of cap, while in ranges higher than the supply is much greater.

In what cases should I opt for a led economic?

The installation of the led economic is recommended for vehicle old, where we want to a good led lighting, but getting the light fair, as this range does not give too much light, we recommend this range on the car model where the canbus is not very demanding, because, being an older technology, in the latest vehicles can give certain problems with the canbus of the same.

Why be economic is of worst quality?

Or much less, the led brand ALC are led with high quality light, duration, the only difference is that to be a range of access, that is more economic, the technology is more advanced, by them is only recommended in certain types of vehicles, all vehicles with the system canbus less demanding. As always in Audioledcar we are very confident in our suppliers and the quality of our products, therefore, we give two years guarantee on all our range of led.

What kind of caps are available in the cost effective range LAC?

In this case, we have two basic options, the model T10 W5w and the model festoon C5W, these two models are most commonly used by vehicle manufacturers, so that with these two options, we'll cover almost 80 % of the bulbs in the market, both models are the canbus, so that we avoid problems with the car's system and we ensure a perfect operation of the product.

What position of the vehicle is recommended to mount led economic?

Mainly we recommend the use of this type of led's in the interior of the vehicle, that is to say, in the doors, trunk, glove compartment, ceiling indoor light, courtesy lights and reading. For outside positions, as can be position or registration we recommend you to choose a range (highest) to prevent possible errors.

What color are the leds economic?

The leds economic of the brand, LAC has a neutral color or 5000k, we chose this color because it is the best performance given, in reference to power lighting and above all aesthetics is concerned, because with this colour we will get an interior of modern vehicle, with a very light, pleasant, not bothering to view or sticks to the driving, without a doubt, one choice highly recommended if we want to improve the lighting of your vehicle with a reduced budget.

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