Bases Hidroimpresión

Bases Hidroimpresión

Bases Hidroimpresión: get a perfect finish thanks to our specific basis for hidroimpresión.

At the time of choosing the hidroimpresión if there is something important is to make it a perfect finish and to do so we need to resort to the bases of hidroimpresión, there are diverse colors and all of them are characterized by high quality and easy to use.

The bases of hidroimpresión are used during this process to improve the adhesion of the sheet to the surface in which you are going to place. This process would be complementary to the final stage of the operation that also applies a lacquer spray to strengthen it more, if it's the final impression that will last so long attached to our vehicle as we want.

The hidroimpresión has become a technique that is increasingly used. This is well for it is a process that you can do yourself by following some simple instructions, in addition to the economic result of its materials. To all this we must add that this is a very simple technique to apply, clean, and comfortable, you'll do so in a while, and the result will be spectacular, worthy of the best mechanic.

This process serves both to decorate as to fix small imperfections in the plate of our vehicles is gaining strength among the lovers of tunning. And it is that allows them to customize the maximum practically any area of your car: from the plate to the tires, passing through the mirrors.

If you have spoken of this technique and do not know if it is what you are looking for try. In our website you will find all the necessary elements to be able to carry out your own technique hidroimpresión: base, spray, the own sheets... Are a few things to keep in mind to get a spectacular result, and completely custom. Your car will have the look you want.


What is the basis of hidroimpresión?

The base of hidroimpresión is used during the technique of the hidroimpresión to improve the adhesion of the sheet to the piece that you are going to decorate.

How do I apply the base of hidroimpresión?

The application of the base is the first step to follow in our manual hidroimpresión.

Apply a color-based mode of primer to the pieces where you want to perform the hidroimpresión.

The bases of hidroimpresión that we sell in Audiolecar have excellent adhesion and coverage. In addition, they are quick drying, so you can forget about long hours waiting to perform the hidroimpresión.

Before use, shake vigorously the product until the metal ball inside to move easily. Remember that before you apply the piece you have to make sure that it is clean, dry and free of grease and dust.

There are spray the base of hidroimpresión on the surface to be treated at a distance of 20-25 cm, in very thin layers. After that, leave to dry for about 20 minutes between coats.

How do I clean the spray base hidroimpresión?

To clean the spray nozzle base hidroimpresión, you have to place the aerosol upside down and press for a few seconds until only the exit gas.

How much does it cost basis of hidroimpresión?

The base of hidroimpresión of the brand WrapWorkers costs around€ 10. This spray is presented in a format of 400 ml.

What types of databases hidroimpresión are there?

In Audioledcar, you'll find four types of bases hidroimpresión to choose from, depending on the color that you want.

We have bases hidroimpresión in white, silver, black and wood.

What is the basis of hidroimpresión I have to choose?

Choose a base of hidroimpresión or another will depend on the color of the piece that we go to work.

The final finish of the hidroimpresión is a combination between the film that we use and the color you apply. If the piece that we want to decorate it does not have the color stated we will have to paint it with the desired base.

We know that the blades of hidroimpresión are not opaque at all, so that the background color will show through.

To choose the base of hidroimpresión appropriate we will look at the picture and see which is the lightest color of all that are in the drawing. The base of hidroimpresión more versatile is the white because it goes with any type of foil, but even so, we must look at what option we would be better off with the blade of choice.

The most common examples in terms of a combination plate of hidroimpresión more base are:

- Illustrations of camouflage: the best for these sheets is to use a grey primer or wood, depends on if we want to make it more or less opaque. If you want a more clarita you will have to choose the spray in white color.

- Sheets of wood: for this type, it is ideal to use the base wood color.

- Sheets of carbon: iran-perfect with those bases in the color silver.

- Sheets of drawings (sticker bomb and hellaflush): merged seamlessly with the foundation in the color white.

Important safety information on the basis of hidroimpresión:

Before using the bases of hidroimpresión you should know a number of recommendations:

- Can not enter in contact with the eyes and skin.

- Should be kept away from sources of heat, sparks, open flame or hot surfaces.

- Must be used only outdoors or in a well-ventilated place.

- Store in a well-ventilated and cool area.

- In case of contact with the skin or the hair, take off immediately all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin with water or shower.

- In case of contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about - :

    Buenas he comprado todo de hidroimpresion y en bases de plástico si sale más o menos pero en metal No Hay una pieza de la moto del tubo de escape que imprimiéndola y todo no sale aún comprando base especial me podéis ayudar

    Answer: Buenos días. Los productos de hidroimpresion estan mas pensados para materiales como plasticos, maderas, etc Es cierto que un tubo de escape no recomendamos ponerlo porque con el calor, el material acabará en muy mal estado. Un saludo.

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