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GPS location finder moto with free App included. All of our tracker GPS included a free App and don't have any quotas or permanecias, just install and ready. Let us know at any time the position of the vehicle in case of theft or loss. Easy and practical.

What we need for the installation? for a basic installation in which we just need you to g...

GPS location finder moto with free App included. All of our tracker GPS included a free App and don't have any quotas or permanecias, just install and ready. Let us know at any time the position of the vehicle in case of theft or loss. Easy and practical.

What we need for the installation? for a basic installation in which we just need you to give us the position of our bikes, just have to connect the locator bike to both positive and negative (of the battery even). If we want to special functions, such as power on and off from the mobile will need to make more connections as detailed in the manual of anti-theft gps.

The App gps locator WeTrack® can be downloaded for IOS and Android and is free.

If you fear that you will steal the bike the gps locator for the bike is the solution. Keep located your bike 24 hours 365 days a year.

In addition to this locator for motorcycles can be useful for locating other types of vehicles operate at 12 Volts.

How does the gps locator Bike?

Very simple, once installed, we will introduce a SIM card with a balance, and data in the gps locator bike. We recommend you to purchase a card of the operator Simyo offers a data plan for 1€/month which is enough to work well the locator. A time put the SIM we will link our store locator with our mobile in 3 easy steps. From now on we will be able to locator our bike in one of two ways:

App WeTrack® : We will haul the free APP WeTRack for IOS and Android. Once downloaded, enter the IMEI (serial number of the locator) and our password and go to a map of the position of our vehicle, and the advanced features we can find in the menu. We will be able to turn off the bike from your mobile, thanks to the cortacorrientes's e-bike installed by using the GPS locator.

Localizador gps moto

Web page GPSYeah : we may Also access the location of the vehicle through the platform of trakeo GPSYeah in which we can see on a map where is our vehicle, advanced functions, history of the routes of the last three days, etc

localizador gps para moto

Types of GPS locator motorcycle:

There are numerous brands and many types of GPS locators. Most brands offer a payment starting by the locator inexpensive and a monthly maintenance expensive that after 4-5 months represents a significant expense and not to mention if the service we have 1 year or more. In addition do not include advanced features such as cortacorrientes-mail, and most are connected to the OBD of the bike so that it is very easy for the thief to find the locator and remove it.

Our GPS locators motorcycle are Japanese technology (the most advanced in the world for systems anti-theft and location) that achieve an accuracy of plus minus 1 meter, with a monthly payment for life of€ 25 (paid once and already). The installation of these localizadores GPS for your motorcycle can be done in any part of the bike, from the trunk, to the engine, behind the box, in the ventilation system...as they only require a positive and negative to connect them. In any part of the bike to pass a cable can be installed, so that makes the thief very difficult to find since each installer will be put in place that creates convenient. Moreover, thanks to its built-in battery with continuous charge while cut all the wires from the bike to prevent the locator keeps working, this will continue to emit signal for 2 days.

Summary of reasons that we will choose our locators:

  1. Maximum precision.
  2. Built-in battery.
  3. Installation in any area of the vehicle. Custom installation.
  4. Cortacorrientes-mail.
  5. Low maintenance fee (25€ for a lifetime, you pay only once).
  6. Technology localization Japanese (the best).
  7. History of routes: although put a inividor to save the path to the last position.
  8. App and web platform for their use and control.

In the past, the accuracy of these devices was poor, had an accuracy of about 100 meters. Currently the precision of the gps locator will only have a margin of error of 1 meter. Take advantage of our opportunities and actualizate!

GPS location FINDER MOTO - extended Information

Have you ever thought about installing a GPS locator in your vehicle?

It is one of the anti-theft system more elaborate and with more benefits than we can find today. It is a device designed to protect the engine and ensure peace of mind to the owners.

Despite the fact that all car manufacturers try to make bikes safe, break-ins remain one of the main concerns of the vehicle owners, therefore the sale of the tech accessories that offer increased security and comfort are still on the rise.


The new technologies have had a vertiginous growth in the last few decades, innovation in the automotive sector, we bring electronic devices such as the GPS locator motorcycle , with which we can know with accuracy the location of our vehicle. It is a mechanism that takes a GSM/GPRS modem and a GPS receiver, and from the mobile devices or computer systems we have access to that information, often of great utility.

The GPS is the Global Positioning System which set the exact position of all the planet Earth of an object, person, animal, and in this case a vehicle.

The GPS system was a project created and developed by the US department of defense, a new navigation technology with the use of satellites, it was in the 1960s. It operates under a network of 24 satellites at a height of more than 200 thousand kilometers of height. At the end of the TWENTIETH century, developed the techniques and mechanisms for securing the position at a higher speed. These reasons were given for reasons of international strategic commercial and military.

All of the new technologies, as is the case of the GPS, then have been the daily life to improve and facilitate the life of the society that you choose, increasingly, to improve their quality of life with the advances that science offers us.

Currently the GPS locator bike is a system that is completely reliable, although there may be a small margin of error, the degree of error depends on the satellite position and the time delay that is measured from the signal that has been received. Therefore, the precision and the accuracy of the result is dependent. There are also other factors that make it difficult to reach the signal, or even to affect or alter the data, despite this the locator GPS could ensure the accuracy of centimeters.

The coverage that makes the locator is at the global level, covers the coordinates from any point. Like we can know the altitude, at what height from sea level is the locator that we have previously put in the vehicle.

In addition to being one of the best systems of anti-theft for all type of vehicles and locate your position in any part of the Earth, the main use that this GPS tracking device offers us is to give up on a vehicle, the control and monitoring of people, and pets that have been lost, among other uses.

The difference of their operation in comparison with the GPS as such, is that it is not necessary to be found where is the locator, in exchange the browser yes, with the locator you may be in any part of the world. Both use the information granted to them by the team of satellites.


There is a vast market of protection products and location to ensure vehicle owners, in addition to advice on the topic. It is a developing field that has products of the most elaborated as for example: spy cameras, recording devices etc

Within the GPS locators you can find a great deal, a range of products for all kinds of buyers and interests, it is also worth saying that not every locator works for any bike.

The goal is that there is no danger and also that users do not feel insecure when you move your vehicle or to the park, it is the time where you make the most of the car thefts.

These GPS devices are working to ensure that the driver and the passengers are calm and more when the bike is parked in areas that are prone to theft, and inconvenience the owners. Control both inside and outside of the vehicle.

There is an extensive range of locators for all types of transportation, in the case of vehicles:

- Pager for heavy vehicles, such as armoured vehicle transporting a producer and a valuable commodity.

- GPS locator for motorcycles, we can find locators as complete that are connected to your mobile device before you download the application which enables the control of the locator, when you refresh the page it gets all the location data of the quickest way. The alarm of the mobile to alert the user in a matter of seconds if your car is being tampered with or stolen. It gives the possibility to check, turn on and off the mechanism of localization from the cell.

To do this, there is also a device that prevents the thieves to manipulate the bike electronically to turn on and start the engine.

Another way to access the GPS locator bike is through computer programs, specialized platforms to access the map and control the bike.

Depending on the make model and year of the bike is convenient to have a pager, or other. There are locators very economic, but also of very good quality with higher prices that include new technologies and advances in their functions. Their use and installation is easy so that you can be in the hands of any buyer who need to control your vehicle.

The vastness of the brands of locators offer a first payment for the device, normally at a price lower than what is expected, the following is required for the monthly maintenance a greater expense and even more if we hire their service for a year. The extras, with functions developed, as well as the Protection OBD that prevents the manipulation of the crooks who increase the payment. Therefore, it is necessary to inquire about other options that ensure a good quality and precision, of up to one meter proximity. There are facilities of locators that cover the monitoring and control of a comprehensive way of the bike from the engine to the trunk.

The locators for motorcycle can be installed in any part of the vehicle, while it is possible the installation of the wiring. It is important that the thieves do not have easy access to the same, so it must be hidden or at least should not be seen with the naked eye. In the case that it was found by robbers and that these cut cables that allow your operation, the GPS device will continue to broadcast during 2 days the localization signal thanks to the battery that has an integrated.

There are several brands of gps locators as CarCentinel. Therefore, the main motives and reasons that we must highlight to make a good choice when purchasing and installing a locator are as follows:

  1. We will seek to ensure that the data are the more accurate possible, and that the margin of error is the minimum.
  2. You must carry implanted a battery for that, as we have already said, in case of manipulation of the wires, or as well, these are cut, the locator can continue to emit the signal orientation of the car.
  3. The installation should be custom in any part of the bike that will be easy to access to the owner.
  4. For those who can't afford a maintenance fee is very high, to find more affordable choices that do not undermine the quality of their operation or use.
  5. To taste of the consumer having a web-based platform computing to collect the information from the GPS or through a mobile device to control the locator.
  6. Save the paths and trajectory of the vehicle.
  7. And especially with cross-currents electronic.

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