Kit derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160, 4 doors, year (12-)


Kit derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) easy to install, fully approved and with tights and form the exact same as your car. Great strength and flexibility. This kit deflectors for Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) consists of 4 derivabrisas for the windows, front and rear. Great strength and flexibility.


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VIDEO Kit derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160, 4 doors, year (12-) Learn how to install some air deflectors yourself at home. Very easy and simple. No need for tools or technical knowledge. Installation time 5-10 minutes.
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Deflectors Toyota Corolla E160 (12-)

Kit deflectors for Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) top quality and high flexibility. Do not break or crack with the sun. Ideal to install in your car and be able to go with the windows lowered without air or water. Highly recommended if you live in an area where there is heavy rainfall or, on the contrary there is a lot of dust in the atmosphere. Note: the picture is generic but you will receive in your home the deflectors specific to your model: dimensions and shape equal to the windows of your car.

The kit derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) consists of:

  • -Derivabrisas left front.
  • -Derivabrisas right front.
  • -Derivabrisas left rear.
  • -Derivabrisas right rear.
  • -Adhesive is ultra-strong.
  • -Clip installation.

Installation derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160 (12-)

To install the derivabrisas Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) will have to (watch the video for more information):

  • 1-Clean the compartment of the window if it is dirty.
  • 2-Remove the slip that covers the adhesive
  • 3-Put the clip in the middle of the derivabrisas.
  • 4-Fit the derivabrisas in the frame of the window.
  • 5-Let dry for 5-10 minutes.

Note: for more information on how to install the derivabrisas for Toyota Corolla E160 (12-) watch the video.

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Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about Toyota - Corolla sedán año 2022:

    Quería saber si valen para ese modelo de coche Gracias

    Answer: Buenos días. Es válido siempre y cuando su modelo sea el E160. Un saludo.