Camera soffit tuition BMW

Camera soffit tuition BMW

If you like driving and you arrived here, it is probably because you have a BMW that lacks any extras or accessories, as may be the camera soffit of tuition. In Audioledcar we have the best parking cameras rear for BMW.

Buy Rear Camera Light Tuition BMW

In Audioledcar we have an extensive catalog of camera parking rear for BMW of quality and at a very good price. So, if your car was not included this accessory at the time of the purchase, now you'll be able to acquire the best camera canopy for BMW economical in our online store.

Take a look at our online category of cameras soffit for BMW cars and find the one that most fits your vehicle. Park with more visibility and convenient way is now possible thanks to our best cameras in the rear. You can buy it from the comfort of home and we will bring it to the address you specify without any inconvenience.

What is a camera canopy for BMW?

The rear view camera for BMW is an article that you cannot do without. It is a small camera that is installed in the soffit of the tuition and that will help you to park without incurring any difficulty. We have the best parking cameras rear to a great quality – price.

In our online shop we have cameras soffit for BMW quality. All of them have a HD resolution. Its installation is simple and they have a viewing angle of 150º-170.

Why buy a parking camera for your BMW online?

The use of cameras, rear BMW to park is increasingly frequent. The main reason is because it grants a higher accuracy at the time of performing any maneuver back to park. You can view if there is any object in the road, if the car behind is very close to yours, etc,

The rear view camera for BMW is an accessory that brings more security to the steering wheel, because with it you will avoid hitting the vehicles that are behind or do a rubbing on the bumper at the time of entering or get the car out of a parking lot.

How to install a rear parking camera for BMW?

The cameras of a panel rear BMW are very easy to install and do not require technical expertise.

In the first place, you must remove the soffit of the tuition and replace it with the camera of soffit BMW that best suits to your car. When you have placed, you must connect the cable according to the diagram shown in the instructions.

Finally, the video cable that comes in the kit. You must go from the camera to the browser or the screen and connect to the video output. We also have wireless antennas to avoid this step, which is the more time it usually takes.

If you want to ask us any kind of query about how to install the camera canopy for BMW, do not hesitate to ask.

Where to buy a rear camera for BMW?

In Audioledcar, a company dedicated to the marketing of accessories, spare parts and spare parts for cars, we have the best models of cameras tuition for BMW at a very affordable price. In addition, they are very simple to install in the ceiling of the same.

If you need to solve any doubt, our team of technical experts will assist you quickly through our chat, email, contact: or by phone at 912 196 807.

You have doubts? Here we explain in more detail You have doubts?

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