LED bulb T20 CANBUS - TYPE 45

  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w
  • led t20 w21w

LED bulb T20 W21W , and with canbus technology to avoid the failure of light cast. LED white light type T20 single-pole suitable to work at 12 Volts (car). Ideal for use in daytime running lights from front position. The most powerful of its range, and also the most sold.

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LED T20 W21W 7440 white for car

LED bulb T20 W21W ideal for use in daylight in the car. Easy and simple to install, just remove a bulb and put in another. Built with canbus technology to avoid the failure of light cast.

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LED bulb T20 W21W
•Bushing type-P21W - 1156 BA15S with canbus technology.
•Material: Led quartz SMD with base of ceramic for durability.
•LEDs: Cree high power / 12V.
•Lumens: 550 lm.
•Brand: ZesfOr

Why do we recommend putting LED Bulb T20 W21W?
•Lower power consumption: a LED T20 W21W consumes much less than a conventional therefore, in the case of dejárnosla turned on will not cause the battery to drain.
•Aesthetics: all new brands of cars already incorporate in their models LED T20 W21W for the lighting of the headlights of the car.
•More visibility: LED light bulb illuminates at least double that of a halogen bulb.
•Safety: the heat emitted from a normal light bulb, it causes the wear of the ceiling lamps that cover the bulb amarilleándolos or cracking the seal, while the LED does not.

Why our LED Bulb T20 W21W is of high quality?
There are three fundamental characteristics to determine the quality of an LED bulb:
1-Quality of the SMD (led): Our LEDs incorporate the new SMD quartz. This translates into a higher luminosity and a beam of light, pure white.
2-Base: The base used is ceramic. Why is it important to the base? Despite being told otherwise, a led is also heated (although to a lesser extent than a conventional light bulb). The problem is generated when the diode SMD is heated in excess. This causes the bulb to wear out and in the long run is founded. Thanks to the base ceramic, produces a dissipation much more of the leds, thereby achieving a durability infinite.
3-The Chip: Our LED Bulb T20 W21W takes integrated the new Chip 1819549N that divides the voltage between the different diodes of the led in a stable and constant. This is important to prevent the voltage spikes generated by the vehicle over the bulb and that can get to burn it off.

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LED bulb T20 CANBUS - TYPE 45

Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question about audi - q3 2012:

    quiero una bombila led blanca T20 W21w de alta calidad para luz diurna y con muchas horas

    Answer: Estimado cliente: En ese caso, el producto elegido es el adecuado para esa función. Saludos, Servicio de atención al cliente

  • Question about Iveco - Daily:

    Me sirve para la luz diurna w21w?

    Answer: Buenos días. Si, es válido para modelo de bombilla. Un saludo.

  • Question about Iveco - Daily de 2016:

    Estas bombillas de Led a pesar de tener canbus me Dan como fundidas en el cuadro... Alguna solución?

    Answer: Buenos días. EN ese caso, debe probar a cambiar la polaridad en el casquillo del propio coche, si aún así no se solucionase, debe montar una resistencia. Un saludo.